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Choosing the right home for critical apps and data extends beyond a data center’s four walls; trust, security and the personal touch are  a must.

Internet Bandwidth

Not all bandwidth needs are created equal. Your business objectives define your connectivity requirements. We provision your bandwidth solution from a wide spectrum of scalable connectivity services, over a variety of multihomed network infrastructures – ranging from wireless and Telco provided circuits to leading-edge optical fiber connectivity, including dark fiber services and lit DWDM services.

Connect on your terms at TierPoint. With multiple high quality networking options, you have the flexibility to choose the ideal solution for your needs in a carrier-neutral setting. Our network configurations are all designed to deliver reliability, availability and redundancy with 100% SLAs.

The TierPoint IP Managed network provides you with access to many of the largest Tier 1 IP backbones in North America and Europe. Unlike other providers that optimize to the lowest-cost route, TierPoint ensures maximum speed and reliability for your data and in a true carrier-neutral setting.

Our advanced network provides continuous access to the Internet. Because of the vastness of our network, we can provide solutions that meet your business needs, including optical fiber, copper and wireless solutions. Staying connected is vital to keeping your business running in the 21st century. We have built one of the most advanced networks to provide continuous access to the Internet and your data. We provision bandwidth and connectivity from a wide range of providers. This gives us the flexibility to provision bandwidth based on your needs, not our limitations.

Flexible connectivity solutions include:

  • Optical fiber solutions (up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, SONET, ATM, xWDM)
  • Copper solutions (DS3, T1, Frame Relay, xDSL, Dial-Up)
  • Wireless solutions (Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point, Licensed & Unlicensed Spectrum)

The TierPoint CleanIP Managed Security Service can keep your bandwidth and connectivity free from the dangers that plague the Internet.

Our security experts will provision a plan to protect your business from:

  • Viruses
  • Intrusions
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • DDoS & DoS attacks

Choice. Flexiblity. Global access. TierPoint Dallas provides a DWDM connection to the Dallas INFOMART, allowing customers to cross connect to over 300 global networks, carriers and ISPs. Using Ciena’s industry-leading CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform, we provide high-performance, low-latency connectivity over dark fiber between our data center and the INFOMART. With enormous circuit capacity, TierPointConnect is our robust DWDM metro transport solution that opens a world of flexibility and choice in interconnection with unparalleled scalability.

Our TierPointConnect gives you the ability to connect to one of the world’s largest content delivery networks, the world’s financial trading networks, and a vast array of providers while enjoying the security, stability and support of our data center infrastructure. Choose from private point-to-point connections or dark fiber connectivity, with cross connects available in a range of circuit types including Ethernet and Coax 3.

Our networking capabilities give you the freedom to choose and the power to enable:

  • Streaming content
  • Video distribution
  • Multimedia delivery

Applications requiring high density power IP Managed Network TierPoint’s IP Managed network offers the redundancy of BGP enhanced by our Internap Flow Control Platform (FCP). This multi-carrier intelligent routing appliance identifies the absolute fastest route across Internet backbones, improving performance 15 to 25 percent. In addition, we use 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections from all providers, minimizing congestion. The fully redundant Cisco architecture uses Layer 3 6509 switches and Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) ensuring that traffic immediately and transparently recovers from first hop failures. IP Plus Network TierPoint’s IP Plus network offers a cost-effective bandwidth option with the performance and reliability of dual feeds from two diverse carriers and the redundancy of BGP routing and Layer 3 6509 switches.

“We have clients all over the globe and being able to have locations in the central US and on both coasts with high quality bandwidth providers enables us to offer optimal connections worldwide.”

Justin Sauers

CEO, KnownHost