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September 4, 2019 | Matt Pacheco

7 Amazing Things You’ll Find at BraveIT 2019

BraveIT is the premier interactive, thought leadership and networking event designed for the modern IT professional. Going to BraveIT in New York City? Here’s what you can expect when you get there.

Read a recap of last year’s conference: BraveIT 2018. You can also watch our videos from BraveIT 2018 here.

BraveIT 2019 is Going to be Big

This year, BraveIT will be aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. Our lineup of speakers and networking opportunities this year is better than ever. No matter your interest and experience level, you’ll find sessions that will engage and enlighten (see the full list of sessions). Here are some of the exciting things you’ll find at BraveIT 2019:

1.  A bird’s eye view of the IT security landscape.

Our keynote speaker, Major General Brett T. Williams, USAF (Ret.) is a leading American authority on cybersecurity. He served in the United States Air Force as director of operations for U.S. Cyber Command from July 2012 to June 2014. Perhaps no one has a better view of the cybersecurity landscape than he does!

2.  A discussion about what 5G means for businesses and IT

5G is set to change cloud computing and the nature of our work. If you’re in IT, you need to prepare – now – for these changes. To help, we’ve invited a panel of experts from Live Nation, PCCW Global, CenturyLink, and IBM Cloud to tell us what we should expect as more technologies and companies leverage 5G technologies and how we need to prepare to be part of the 5G revolution.

3.  A look at how hyperconverged infrastructure fits in a hyperscale world

Hyperconverged infrastructure is transforming the modern data center. In this session, a panel of experts will discuss how hyperconvergence fits into the hyperscale data center model and offer their advice on how to leverage the best of both worlds. This panel will include representatives from Compass Datacenters, Nutanix, Goldman Sachs, Cowen, and Upstack.

4.  The latest IT security and compliance strategies

The cybersecurity landscape changes dramatically from year to year. To help you keep your cyber-strategies current, our Chief Security Officer and Certified Hacker, Paul Mazzucco, will lead a discussion with Forrester Analyst, Renee Murphy, and former secret service agent, John Toney, to understand the latest strategies and tactics surrounding cybersecurity and IT compliance.

5.  Digital transformation stories from IT leaders in various industries

Ever wonder how your peers are approaching digital transformation? Microsoft will lead a panel comprised of IT leaders from Clearsense, Connection, Christian Broadcasting Network, and New York City Department of Environmental Protection. They’ll share their digital transformation stories, covering everything from IT security to cloud migration, disaster recovery, budgets, human resources, and more.

6.  A closing keynote with real flair!

Finally, we’ll be closing the formal conference out with a keynote by Miral Kotb, Founder of iLuminate followed by an iLuminate Performance. If you’ve never seen this group perform, take a look. You won’t want to miss it!

7.  Networking opportunities to make lasting connections

Of course, as with any industry conference, the best learning can be had in the hallways and networking events so that’s number seven on our list of amazing things you’ll find at BraveIT 2019. In addition to our guest reception and lunch, we’re also hosting a networking break in the afternoon and closing the conference with a sunset cocktail reception on the rooftop flight deck.

Join us for BraveIT 2019

There is still time to register for this year’s conference on September 19 in New York City.

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