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Maximizing the return on your investment takes careful planning and the right cloud environment to meet your goals. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What are your goals for the cloud? What workloads are you running? What cloud expertise do you have? Private cloud is a critical component of many hybrid strategies today and organizations need to decide whether they build their own private cloud or work with a partner. To help you find the right private cloud model, modify the following critical factor inputs to determine which approach is best for your cloud journey.

All inputs and results assume an N+1 redundancy

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You might consider Hosted Private Cloud with a lifetime cost difference of $489,663

DIY Private Cloud (On Premises)

Physical Servers (Hardware Only)

VMware Licensing

Storage Array (Hardware)

Storage Area Network (SAN) Switch

Network Switches/Firewalls

Office Space/Power/Cooling Costs

Employee Cost

Hosted Private Cloud

Physical Servers
(Includes Power/Cooling/Management)

VMware Licensing

Storage Array (Shared Storage)

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Network Switches/Firewalls

Colocation Cost

Office Power and Cooling Costs

Employee CostThis employee cost does not reflect the full salary of hiring a full-time employee. This reflects the salary time spent on working on the cloud. Our assumption is that they will not spend their full time working on the cloud but the amount of time spent on a hosted private cloud.

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TierPoint provides a range of solutions and services for multicloud environments based on technology from VMware. TierPoint is a VMware Cloud Verified partner, which means its services are validated and optimized to work alongside a host of VMware Cloud and VMware Cloud Foundation solutions. Close integration with VMware allows TierPoint to help customers deploy infrastructure resources and applications across hybrid or private cloud, as well as converged environments, regardless of workload requirements.

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