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Choosing the right home for critical apps and data extends beyond a data center’s four walls; trust, security, and the personal touch are a must.


TierPoint’s Network solutions are designed to provide you with the speed and connectivity you need to make your data and applications available to your users when they need them.

TierPoint Interconnect Express (ICX)

One of our most exciting initiatives is the TierPoint Interconnect Express (ICX) project. This is a fully meshed data center topology that includes the ability to connect one of our data centers to any one of our other data centers. This allows the company to offer clients a virtual circuit that can help them realize the benefits of hybrid IT. These connections, for example, allow a customer to more easily replicate their environment to multiple regions across the country. TierPoint will also be able to continue to grow its cloud offerings such as Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service and Cloud backup services.

Select Networking Services:


TierPoint has a strong commitment to carrier neutrality and redundancy. In fact, many of our data centers have five or more on-net providers including AT&T, Verizon and Comcast Business. One of the ways our colocation customers get network connectivity is via a cross-connect. A cross-connect is a device that simply patches a server to a network. It could be the Internet or a private network. There are several cross connect types and speeds though typically they are designed for fiber or copper connections.

For disaster recovery purposes, a client may use multiple cross connects to connect to more than one carrier in case one has an outage. They may also use one to access additional cloud-based services.