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Backing up your data offsite is important. Restoring your servers and applications when disaster strikes? Equally important.

Disaster Recovery

One of TierPoint’s core tenets is the idea that customers should have the flexibility to pick the right platform for each of their workloads whether they reside in the cloud, colocation or on-premises data centers. This is the essence of hybrid IT. Disaster recovery (DR) services are a foundational component of hybrid IT because of the importance of protecting data and keeping applications available to users. DR services keep online cash registers ringing, help businesses recover from natural disasters, assist with regulatory compliance, preserve an organization’s intellectual property, and provide other benefits that reflect good organizational governance.

TierPoint’s approach to DR revolves around the three Rs:

  • Redundancy — TierPoint has 40 data centers across the United States for plentiful backup and replication destination options.
  • Resilience — TierPoint has developed a Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) that uses software-defined technologies to integrate recovery from multi-platform production applications and databases.
  • Recoverability —TierPoint offers failover and failback testing services as well as self-serve testing tools. No DR program is successful without recoverable data.

These Rs are reflected in our products and people.  In addition to a broad portfolio of managed services, our principle DR services are:

Additionally, if you have a unique DR requirement, our engineers will work with you to design a custom DR solution.