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By John Holland, TierPoint SVP of Sales

Yesterday, TierPoint hosted a partner event where we discussed cloud opportunities and how to better inform customers about their cloud choices. Because there are so many different definitions of both cloud and hybrid cloud, there is a lot of market confusion, so we are working diligently with our partners to bring more clarity to the cloud adoption process.

For today’s FAQ Friday, I’d like to address two questions that are often asked of us. The first one is about the types of clouds we offer.

TierPoint Cloud Types
The Coca Cola Company makes a machine that can instantly give you one of about 130 flavors of soda. In actuality, it only has a few base flavors but then offers plenty of variations that you can mix in. Our cloud offerings follow that same customization approach. Our menu includes a buffet of private and multi-tenant clouds with or without managed services (you can also get managed services from our partners.) What allows us to add more flavors is that we can include colocation services into a cloud solution mix. Your infrastructure can include your on-premise equipment, colocation and a form of cloud – all connected. This hybrid cloud solution is an attractive option especially for companies that are moving to the cloud gradually or want to simplify information management. It provides businesses with more agility and the capacity to meet peak loads while eliminating the expense of purchasing additional assets.

TierPoint Differentiated
The second question we get a lot is how are our clouds different than those offered by other providers. You can click the TierPoint Radio link below to hear me answer this question in more detail, but I generally cite four points when talking about our differentiators:

  • Enterprise Grade Cloud: All of our cloud customers require production grade/enterprise class solutions where downtime means lost revenue and potential hits to the brand. So our clouds are enterprise grade. We do not host test/dev or non-mission critical applications on our cloud.
  • SLA’s: We wrap an SLA around our cloud solution, including performance and availability guarantees.
  • Security and Compliance: Our facilities have passed numerous independent control audits to achieve certifications required for organizations in regulated industries, including PCI DSS and HIPAA.
  • High-Touch Concierge Service: We take the time to walk customers through the whole implementation process, giving them time and attention from a dedicated account team until everything is in place. And our cloud services are delivered consistently across every data center.  So our resources and expertise are local; and the processes and procedures are consistent.

Have a burning cloud question, share it in the comments, and we will answer it for everyone. Connect with John.

Click the embedded TierPoint Radio audio below to hear me answer how are our cloud offering is different than those offered by other providers.

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