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By Brian Schwartz, TierPoint Content & Social Media Marketing Manager

During one of the recent winter storms that have been belting the northeast, Ram Bhagwandin, a facilities manager at TierPoint’s Hawthorne, NY data center, received a phone call at 3:00 a.m. The temperature was -2°F. In that cold, servers (and people too) can get a little cranky. His job was to help ensure that equipment inside the facility kept running smoothly.

Bhagwandin spent more than 20 years running IT architecture for large organizations before joining TierPoint two years ago. For this week’s FAQ Friday, I asked him about the top two things he and his team do to help deliver a great customer experience.

Orientation for all New Customers
“We provide each new customer with an orientation session where they can learn all the processes to help them get what they need quickly, whether it is a ticket process or news tools, etc. That alone eliminates about half of the common issues or delays a customer could face,” he said.

Run Your Data Center like Nordstrom’s
Data centers are often thought of as places simply filled with bare metal … cages and cages of machines housed in a cold, industrial setting. Bhagwandin does not see it that way. The term data center is half the story. It is a people center too.

“Each day, clients come here to work either in a colocation area or in a disaster recovery workspace,” Bhagwandin said. “They have high expectations for efficient processes, cleanliness and everything operating in full order. In today’s environment, you have to run your data center less like a server farm and more like a Nordstrom’s store. Anyone can sell you storage capacity, but you stick with the company that works hard to make you feel comfortable and treats you like a valued guest. Clients notice when they see fresh coffee, spotlessly-clean facilities and when you drive 150 miles so they can get the right power cable ASAP. Everything we do is designed to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”

Cloud Momentum
One aspects of his job that he enjoys the most is serving as a mentor to the younger staff around him. “My IT architecture experience as a customer shapes all that I do and gives me lessons to share with my colleagues.” When asked about customer trends that he sees, Bhagwandin said, “The momentum is toward moving to the cloud and hybrid cloud. And to me more managed cloud services means that we have more ways to take good care of our clients.”

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