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In the 21st century, every millisecond counts. Electronic trading, fund transfers, data analysis, information exchanges – all occurring on the global marketplace, in real time. Modern financial players need systems that are not only fast, but also secure. The value of immediate electronic trading can be wiped out in an instant if sensitive information is comprised.

At TierPoint, we live and breathe IT infrastructure and security. And with years of experience serving some of the biggest names in the financial services’ industry, TierPoint is well versed in GRC rules and the demands of an “always-on” marketplace. The TierPoint backbone serves up the competitive edge for banks, credit unions, fund managers, brokers, accounts, information exchanges and insurance firms. Our robust infrastructure can help you reduce costs while delivering the customer service and productive innovation the global markets demands.

Always-on service to meet the always-open financial marketplace.

Of course efficiency, speed, privacy and security are pertinent to all industries; but they are especially critical to businesses that specialize in financial transactions, which must contend with a series of specialized concerns:

  • Compliance regulations, like PCI DSS, that affect companies that deal specifically in financial information
  • Rapidly shifting market conditions, where even seconds of delay can mean substantial monetary differences
  • Distrustful and wary consumers who have heard one too many stories about data loss and theft

And then there’s risk: in finance, security is not a secondary concern. The value of many financial transactions can be wiped out instantly if sensitive information is compromised. TierPoint promises exceptional preventive and protective steps are taken to preserve the privacy and integrity of any information stored with us, and you retain control at all times — determining, for instance, who can access what data at any given time. All data is encrypted at-rest (on our servers) and in-flight (between your systems and ours).

This security does not come at the cost of convenience.

We can adopt a solution that fits your business’ goals and daily workflow, so that you don’t have to miss a beat – or a profitable transaction. Whether you’re opting for the confidence of solid colocation, or want to take advantage of the sky-high value of TierPoint Cloud Services , TierPoint’s solutions slip invisibly into your staff’s daily duties, disruption-free.

We are here for you – staffing our regional Network Operations Centers (NOCs) ( with knowledgeable experts 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. So whether it’s for a production environment, business continuity or both, TierPoint can exceed your needs.

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“PEMCO Insurance has been utilizing TierPoint’s colocation services since 2005 and we are extremely pleased with the facility and the services. As an IT service provider to financial institutions, security is critical to our operations. The TierPoint security standards and capabilities along with our processes and procedures have allowed us to maintain a secure environment and continue to pass critical industry regulated audits.”

Brenda Oberto

Business Continuity Manager, PEMCO Insurance

Small sample of satisfied customers