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The Healthcare industry is continuously changing, and the pressures to keep your systems available, and information contained on them in compliance is changing with it. As these compliance mandates get tighter and the need to cut costs grows, you need to partner with someone who has the expertise and experience to meet these growing challenges.

You can attempt to do it yourself or look to TierPoint who has done it for some of the largest Healthcare providers in the country. We have experience helping our customers deal with the demands of HIPAA, EHR EMR, and GRC requirements.

Companies that transact in the health care industry face particular concerns:

  • Compliance in a rapidly, enormously changing marketplace. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is transforming how health care companies operate.
  • Mounting privacy concerns by increasingly well-informed consumers and consumers who have read one-too-many news stories about privacy breaches.
  • Increasing competitiveness and more difficulty generating revenue in the face of tight legal controls and intense marketplace competition.
  • The need to deliver a high-level of service, because technical problems in accessing the right data and applications at the right time can directly translate into poor care.

TierPoint understands the healthcare industry’s critical need for flexible, scalable and secure solutions. We will recommend the best solution to meet your ever changing IT needs and challenges so that you can focus on running your business. TierPoint offers your organization a full range of technology-savvy resources, along with the people who take the time to understand your particular needs and can devise the best way to address them.

Moreover, our data protection invisibly slips into your daily workflow; because the most effective backup procedures are those you don’t have to remember. When data recovery is needed, it can be implemented with just a few mouse clicks – no tech savvy needed for a quick return to normal operations.

Whether it’s for accessing the data and apps needed for healthy business operations or for meeting federally-mandated data storage and backup protocols, TierPoint can exceed your needs.

Case Studies

Clario Medical: TierPoint provided a customized private cloud (IaaS) and managed services solution that is robust, flexible, and designed from the ground up for security and compliance requirements.

Simplified Clinical: Data management solutions provide valuable uptime, recovery time and expertise for this expanding SaaS provider.

Other Resources

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TierPoint Webinars: We’re building a library of recorded seminars. Review them on your own time and learn how TierPoint experts can help your IT department become more effective.

TierPoint Data Sheets: Details about our service catalog can be found, downloaded and shared. Discover if cloud services or colocation best fit your needs.

“We threw a lot at TierPoint with the expectation that they could do ‘most’ of it, but they surprised us! We now have a [cloud] system and service in place that will benefit Clario and our customers. We didn’t expect to be at this point, this quickly. We are extremely pleased with this relationship.”

Scott Pilsbury

Vice President of IT, Clario Medical

Small sample of satisfied customers