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More than most, lawyers must adhere to strict regulatory controls in order to protect client privacy and security. But for legal professionals, delivering standout service means more than merely complying with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and the other statutes: it’s about reliably maintaining security and privacy that meet the demands of the modern legal practice, whether it’s a one-person office or a multinational law firm.

From litigation strategies to legal filings, from e-documents to personal information, legal professionals deal in privileged, confidential information every day – and you must have a way to store, secure, protect, preserve and process all of that information. And in a profession of tight deadlines and constant forward momentum, you need it now.

With ongoing, multi-million dollar investments in our data infrastructure and data centers, including meeting the most rigorous compliance requirements and most stringent security needs, TierPoint can help empower you to deliver excellent service to your own clients.

  • People-friendly: Lawyers aren’t engineers; we make our solutions user-friendly and usage easy
  • Accessible: Your data is yours, and we provide up to 100% uptime SLAs
  • Risk Mitigation: With multilayered Disaster Recovery options, insulate your practice against emergency
  • Secure: Leverage our privately-owned, geographically separate, SAE 18 Type 2 SOC 2 data centers
  • Compliant: Meet every applicable regulatory requirement affecting your practice and clients
  • Cost-Effective: Leverage TierPoint’s economy of scale to get more value for every dollar

It’s your responsibility to protect your client’s best interests and TierPoint is a world-class partner in that endeavor. We can help you protect and preserve your data and applications, even in the event of disaster. So not only do we protect you from falling on the wrong side of security and privacy laws, we help you keep your clients happy.

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“Law firms are targets for hackers because of the confidential information they keep. That’s why we suggest you look for a cloud solution provider whose clients include those who must meet high levels of regulatory compliance, such as the healthcare and financial industries.”

Paul Mazzucco

Chief Security Officer, TierPoint

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