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Public Sector

Doing more with less: it’s just part of the job as a public sector IT professional. At TierPoint, we understand how to turbocharge resources so that federal, state and local governments can do the people’s work more efficiently than ever, even if budget and technical constraints might have you thinking otherwise.

Whether you choose cloudcolocation, and/or managed services, TierPoint can help your department streamline operations, optimize workflows and campaigns, and centralize information management, all while keeping critical data protected and secure.

With data centers accessible to you 24/7, plus dedicated physical and virtual hosting, and managed security appliances, TierPoint can add the efficiencies and flexibility your procurement guidelines, expenditure projects, and ever-changing budgets demand. We understand:

  • The dynamic regulatory environments in which governments work, and thus can help you keep your IT backbone healthy and robust
  • The special environments mandated by government regulations and compliance
  • The crucial need for managed security and redundancy in your operations
  • The need to employ fewer, more powerful technologies

In public service, data infrastructure is mission-critical, and so is sticking to budgets. TierPoint understands the need to shore up and future-proof existing technologies and introduce new ones on a limited, must-need basis.

You rely on your infrastructure’s ability to stay current, stay online and stay secure and we specialize in tested, proven solutions that will do just that. And just as you serve the public, we serve you with our commitment to technical support.

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