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These days, it’s not enough to sell a great product: you have to market it online and off, make the sale, protect the customer’s data and operate profitably off thin margins and shrinking resources. Ecommerce is a vital and growing industry requirement, one that is becoming more and more populated, and more and more competitive.

TierPoint knows that you’re already fighting for every penny of hard-earned profit. To help you compete in and even dominate your market, we send our solutions engineers in to tailor TierPoint Cloud Services and colocation solutions precisely to the needs of your business, whether they be ecommerce or brick-and-mortar – or both.

We’ll help you design, implement and maintain a robust, outsourced IT infrastructure that frees you up to do what you do best – serve your customers, as we serve you.

At TierPoint, our deep experience with our retail clients means that we understand the pressures facing the retail industry:

  • Customer concerns over stories about data theft – online and offline
  • Razor-thin margins, starting with supply chains, all the way to the cash register and payroll
  • The need for constant, reliable uptime and redundancy, especially for online shoppers
  • The desire to amass and securely store data

TierPoint delivers a comprehensive, reliable portfolio of solutions to help you more effectively compete while cutting costs. We’ll guarantee the uptime of your infrastructure and reduce your CapEx and OpEx in the process, which means your customers will be able to enjoy their shopping experience more, whether they’re in your store or on your website. And that dramatically increases the chance that they’ll come back time and time again.

Case Studies

OneCall: TierPoint provides a multi-prong approach, utilizing solutions from multiple vendors to secure OneCall’s online presence.

Plaid Pantry: TierPoint utilizes Aruba Networks’ wireless solution to design and implement a robust rogue detection and migration architecture to meet the Plaid Pantry needs.

Other Resources

TierPoint Whitepapers: Learn more about our services and how they can help solve key IT issues for your company. We’re continually adding content, so make sure to keep track of additions via Twitter or LinkedIn.

TierPoint Webinars: We’re building a library of recorded seminars. Review them on your own time and learn how TierPoint experts can help your IT department become more effective.

TierPoint Data Sheets: Details about our service catalog can be found, downloaded and shared. Discover if cloud services or colocation best fit your needs.

“The solution TierPoint recommended and implemented has proven invaluable to our day-to-day online retail sales. If it were not for TierPoint, we would have been exposed during the holiday shopping season which could have been catastrophic and jeopardized our continued success.”

Kent Schafer

IT Director, OneCall

Small sample of satisfied customers