Clario Medical Finds a Solution

Clario Medical is a rapidly growing medical services provider headquartered in Seattle, WA. They partner with hospitals, imaging centers and private practice radiology groups to improve radiologists’ efficiency through system integration and their industry leading zVision radiology solution. Seven of Clario’s zVision software customers are listed in Radiology Business Journal’s top 100 largest private radiology practices.

“We were hosting several servers in TierPoint’s Seattle data center,” said Scott Pilsbury, Vice President of IT. “We were happy with the service, but with our growth and aging infrastructure, we knew we needed something different. We wanted a strategic IT partner who would help us mature as our business continued to accelerate.”

When TierPoint reached out to Clario to discuss their business, Clario was ready to talk. “We had several new customers ready to launch and limited options with our current infrastructure,” continued Pilsbury. “The call from TierPoint was perfectly timed and the solutions they offered were a match for our needs, both now and for the future.”

TierPoint’s cloud engineering team worked closely with Clario’s IT leadership to identify key challenges and objectives and to map out a cost-effective plan. Together they designed a cloud-based IT infrastructure that would be secure, compliant, robust and flexible. TierPoint was also able to offer a layer of managed security services to fill in much needed gaps.

Private Cloud
The Clario solution centers on a private cloud implementation, including private dedicated storage and shared load balancing services that reside in the TierPoint Spokane data center. To minimize storage costs, TierPoint was able to implement multiple SSD drives utilizing VMware’s VSAN technology. This eliminated the need for a full scale, dedicated SAN, yet achieved the speed and IOPS desired by the company – leveraging the benefits of a virtualized infrastructure.

As business expanded, so did storage needs. TierPoint engineered the system in such a way that adding an upgraded SAN could be accomplished seamlessly. Everett Burger served as TierPoint’s cloud architect for the solution. “After only eight months, Clario had growing needs for expanded storage,” said Burger. “We partnered with Nimble Storage to provide an upgraded SAN implementation, at a price point that made sense to Clario, The system is engineered to keep Clario growing and happy,” said Burger.

The private cloud solution provided by TierPoint runs on fully dedicated hardware, utilizing VMware virtualization to create an extremely secure and available environment, and designed for compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations. The use of dedicated hardware for Clario’s private cloud environment is vital to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all data to ensure compliance.

Security Services
Clario also needed a secure way to reach their new cloud solution. “Having a rich infrastructure that meets all the compliance guidelines is great,” said Pilsbury. “But if we can’t reach it remotely and/or securely, then it’s not valuable.”

TierPoint came to the table with a security plan that included a large number of IPSec VPN tunnels for customers and partners, managed through TierPoint’s CleanIP Managed Security Service.TierPoint Sales Engineers were able to craft a solution and management service that allowed Clario the access they needed. “The system is built to be flexible and fully expandable,” continued Burger. “No matter what service is needed; compute, storage, security, etc., this system will grow with Clario Medical.”

“We threw a lot at TierPoint with the expectation that they could do ‘most’ of it,” said Pilsbury. “But they surprised us! There were a few bumps, as expected, but the sales and engineering staff worked through them quickly and we now have a system and service in place that will benefit Clario and our customers. We didn’t expect to be at this point, this quickly. We are extremely pleased with this relationship.

“Not only were we able to on-board our new customers quickly, we now have this incredibly robust system that allows our business to grow without concern for capping out hardware capacity,” Pilsbury added.

Each TierPoint cloud implementation is designed to meet the unique needs of its customers. “Cookie-cutter clouds” can’t be found at TierPoint; instead flexibility and trustworthiness are two key qualities that shape the service. To learn more about the TierPoint Cloud and how it can help your business, please visit us online at

“We had several new customers ready to launch and limited options with our current infrastructure. The call from TierPoint was perfectly timed and the solutions they offered were a match for our needs, both now and for the future.”

Scott Pilsbury

Vice President of IT, Clario Medical



Cloud Computing & Managed Services

Rapid growth provided challenges in keeping IT infrastructure fresh and available.

TierPoint provided a customized private cloud (IaaS) and managed services solution that is robust, flexible and designed from the ground up for security and compliance.

Clario Medical now has a system to on-board their customers quickly and efficiently that provides a robust solution that is flexible and scalable.