E-SoftSys Jumps to the TierPoint Cloud

E-SoftSys is a technology leader in the self-storage industry, delivering innovative, cost-effective, value-added services that help its clients maximize their self-storage operations. With an ever-expanding customer base, E-SoftSys knew it needed a more scalable and flexible IT infrastructure that could support the technical and business needs of itself and its clients. A cloud solution from TierPoint is just what they were looking for.

Founded in 2000, E-SoftSys has a proven track record of delivering superior customer service to clients in more than 15 countries. Its signature product is Self Storage Manager, a comprehensive management software program for single and multi-facility self-storage operators that helps them streamline their operating procedures and manage their businesses more effectively by increasing revenue, reducing costs, and improving customer service.

E-SoftSys delivers add-on modules, including e-CRM, its fully integrated customer relationship module; e-StorageOnline, which includes online reservations, rentals, and payments; and QlikViewTM, a business intelligence and analytics interface. The company offers 24×7 customer support to its clients.

According to Kat Shenoy, president and CEO of E-SoftSys, while the company moved to a hosted model more than 10 years ago, finding the right partner to work with was a challenge. “We tried a couple of hosting companies during the first few years, but they didn’t quite meet our expectations,” he said. “We knew we needed a reliable hosting company that could provide great customer support and ensure minimum downtime for our customers. So we provided TierPoint with an extensive checklist of our requirements. Based on the response, we knew we had found the company we wanted to work with.”
The solution TierPoint recommended was based on its IaaS cloud platform. With this flexible virtualized environment, E-SoftSys can easily expand its IT infrastructure to meet the growing demands of its customers. The IT infrastructure resides in one of TierPoint’s Pennsylvania facilities, which provides a state-of-the-art site, around the clock on-site operational management, on-site/on-call engineers, and local and remote real-time monitoring and client notifications.

“The ability to adjust configurations quickly and easily was one of the key requirements for our company,” stated Shenoy. “As we have added new clients, TierPoint has made it a simple and cost-effective process to update the infrastructure to support them. At the same time, we oftentimes have new releases of our software that require a quick deployment to ensure uninterrupted service. We’ve found that TierPoint has been able to meet our requirements each time.”

Security issues were front and center when it came to E-SoftSys deciding to implement a cloud solution. “We needed a guarantee that there would be no unauthorized access to our servers or our customers’ data,” said Shenoy. “Knowing the level of security at TierPoint’s facility, as well as its being ISO compliant, were huge factors in our decision to go with them as a service provider.”

TierPoint’s technical support personnel also play a critical role in E-SoftSys’ ongoing success by monitoring the system and cloud-based applications 24×7 and troubleshooting any issues that arise. Oftentimes when maintenance updates or other upgrades have to be made, they are done during off-hours or on the weekends to ensure limited business interruptions. This is particularly important for E-SoftSys clients that use its e-commerce application and can’t afford any downtime.

According to Shenoy, this level of customer service defines the experience that he has had with TierPoint. “We’ve been able to build great relationships with TierPoint, in particular with the lead technical personnel and our account manager, who support our company,” he concluded. “They go above and beyond, providing that next level of support that others don’t. We find that everyone is very responsive to our needs, to the point that it sometimes feels like we have a support team dedicated just to us.”

“We’ve been able to build great relationships with TierPoint. They go above and beyond, providing that next level of support that others don’t. Everyone is very responsive to our needs, to the point that it sometimes feels like we have a support team dedicated just to us.

Kat Shenoy

President & CEO, E-SoftSys


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Cloud Computing Services

Client needed to establish a scalable and flexible infrastructure to support technical and business needs, while ensuring minimum downtime.

TierPoint engineered a managed cloud-based systems that provided scalable IT infrastructure and rapid deployment.

E-SoftSys now has a custom system in place to quickly deploy its software without service interruption.