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Known Host Drives Growth with TierPoint

A privately held web hosting company founded outside of Washington DC in 2005, KnownHost is one of the most recognized hosting providers in the world. KnownHost provides premium hosting services at affordable prices for customers from over 150 countries. The company is highly regarded for its unparalleled uptime, fast professional support and high performance hosting services. KnownHost offers packages featuring Managed Virtual Private Servers, Managed Hybrid Servers, Managed Dedicated Servers and Unmanaged Virtual Private Servers.

“We’re always looking for ways to further distinguish ourselves as one of the top ranked web hosts in the world,” explains Justin Sauers, CEO of KnownHost. “So in 2013 as we evaluated our data center relationships, we began to consider moving two of our data centers.” Sauers had been a customer at TierPoint’s Dallas facility for several years and was impressed with the facility, service and support. His other two data centers were located in New Jersey and California.


KnownHost has been experiencing steady growth since its founding and with the expansion of its service offerings, decided to consolidate its data center relationships with one provider who had facilities in key locations. Sauers noted, “We’ve been in this industry for a long time and we have extremely high standards when it comes to data center quality.” He continued, “Overall, TierPoint had always made us feel the most comfortable from a support perspective, and their facilities and staff are top-notch, so the decision to use them as our exclusive data center provider became very clear.”

In early 2014 KnownHost moved its equipment from incumbent data center providers on the East and West Coast to TierPoint’s Seattle and Baltimore locations. All of KnownHost’s servers are now colocated in TierPoint data centers in Dallas, Seattle and Baltimore.

TierPoint’s technical support team and engineers worked closely with KnownHost to carefully plan the move to prevent any disruptions to service. “Our transition to TierPoint’s Seattle and Baltimore facilities was seamless to our customers, which was very important to us,” says Sauers. KnownHost consistently achieves a 99.888% uptime ranking, exceeding the typical 99.5% benchmark that is considered reliable in the industry.

In addition to favoring TierPoint’s infrastructure and support services, Sauers chose to colocate at their Dallas, Baltimore and Seattle locations for their geographic advantages. “We have clients all over the globe and being able to have locations in the central U.S. and on both coasts with high quality bandwidth providers enables us to offer optimal connections worldwide,” he notes.

KnownHost is leveraging TierPoint’s 24/7 data center facilities and premium networks to deliver performance, reliability and peace of mind to its customers. This allows KnownHost to focus on what matters most, providing excellent support and services to their clients.

“We couldn’t be happier with our data center transition,” says Sauers. “Colocating in three world-class facilities gives us premium operating conditions for our servers as well as the ease of working with one provider.”

KnownHost anticipates continued growth of the company’s customer base around the world. It recently started to offer the next-generation VPS platform, Managed SSD VPS hosting with enterprise-grade hardware.

“We’ll continue to lead the industry in offering the most efficient, cost-effective, and cutting edge technologies to our customers, backed by professional and responsive support,” says Sauers. He concluded, “Our relationship with TierPoint is a key part of making that happen.”

We have clients all over the globe and being able to have locations in the central US and on both coasts with high quality bandwidth providers enables us to offer optimal connections worldwide.

Justin Sauers

CEO, KnownHost


Web Hosting

Cloud Services & Managed Services

Knownhost had an inefficient colocation model and desired to find a single provider with a national footprint and strong network.

Consolidated data center operations to the TierPoint facilities in Dallas, Seattle and Baltimore.

Improved efficiency and support allowing their IT staff to focus on global hosting business support for customers in 150 countries.