Plaid Pantry Implements Secure Wireless Solution

Plaid Pantry is a chain of privately owned convenience stores servicing the metropolitan areas of Portland, OR; Salem, OR; and Seattle, WA. Since their founding in 1960, they have grown to over 100 stores providing a variety of products and services. Protecting the security of their network from rogue devices both at their corporate headquarters and at each location is paramount to success.

Plaid Pantry had two primary needs. First and foremost, they needed to maintain PCI compliance by ensuring they are regularly scanning for rogue devices connected to their corporate office network and at each store location. Secondly, they needed a business-grade WLAN solution for their corporate office that offered security and simplicity for employees and office guests.

TierPoint partners with Aruba Networks, a leader in the wireless LAN market as proven by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, to provide a solution to meet both of Plaid Pantry’s requirements.

TierPoint’s Certified Aruba Mobility Engineers designed and implemented a robust rogue detection and mitigation architecture. Aruba access points integrate wireless intrusion detections systems (WIDS) to locate offending wireless devices and keep them off the network and out of the airspace.

TierPoint deployed Aruba APs utilizing two separate SSIDs for the corporate office WLAN solution. Guests can connect to one SSID and are presented with a captive portal authentication page that directs them to consult the receptionist in order to receive a temporary username and password good for a set number of hours. The receptionist simply goes to a specified URL and creates a temporary account that gives customers and vendors internet access only. The second SSID utilizes WPA2 encryption that allows employees to access the internet as well as corporate resources. Aruba controllers have a stateful role-based/device based firewall that gives granularity to control what resources are available for each session.

This solution has provided Plaid Pantry with the security they needed to meet both compliance and business needs. The role-based wireless firewalls detect and block offending wireless devices which has protected their networks at the stores. It has also given them a new level of control which has allowed their staff to manage IT resources in a much more timely and cost effective way.

“TierPoint came to the table with a solution that met all our requirements within the budget we had assigned. The systems worked flawlessly and the TierPoint security staff was a joy to work with as we installed and learned the new system. We couldn’t be happier!” Brad Buckmaster

IT Director, Plaid Pantry



Managed Security Services

Plaid Pantry needed to implement a businessgrade WLAN solution that was secure and accessible. They also sought to maintain PCI compliance over their wireless network.

TierPoint, along with parter Aruba Networks, designed and implemented a robust rogue detection and mitigation architecture providing Plaid Pantry with the security they required to meet both compliance and business needs.

The Aruba controllers installed provide a new level of security and control within each Plaid Pantry location, allowing their staff to manage IT resources in a much more timely and cost effective way.