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Cybersecurity, Compliance, and IT War Stories | BraveIT Livestream

BraveIT is an interactive, thought leadership event designed for the modern IT professional happening on 9.19.19 in New York City aboard the Intrepid Seam Air & Space Museum. This livestream features two of our mainstage sessions:

*INSPECTION! The 2020 Security & Compliance Audit*

The Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, 5G network deployments, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, software-defined networking (SDN), public clouds, hybrid infrastructure – what do all of these have in common? They are all experiencing explosive growth. Businesses will benefit from growth in these areas, but with more opportunities come new compliance and cybersecurity challenges. IT decision-makers will need to evolve at a pace matching these new opportunities (and risks). It’s easier said than done, though. How do you keep up with day-to-day IT operations while accounting for new advancements in technology and new trends?

TierPoint’s Chief Security Officer and Certified Ethical Hacker, Paul Mazzucco, leads a discussion with Forrester Analyst, Renee Murphy, to understand the latest strategies and tactics surrounding cybersecurity and IT compliance.

*With a Little Help from My Friends: IT Leaders Trade Stories & Secrets*

A large percentage of businesses – small and large – are undergoing some form of digital transformation, essential for them to stay competitive. But digital transformation may mean something different depending on the type of businesses and industry. Some prioritize their IT transformation efforts to make their IT organization more efficient and positioned for revenue generation.

Microsoft leads a discussion with a panel of IT leaders who have stories to tell about their current digital & IT transformation efforts (security, cloud migration, disaster recovery, budgets and human resources). Panelists include: Clearsense, Connection, Christian Broadcast Network, and New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

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