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Delivering Successful Business Outcomes with Cloud

Businesses are adopting cloud computing solutions at a staggering rate with most leveraging more than one cloud platform, often including public, private, or hybrid cloud configurations. While many IT professionals are wired for do-it-yourself projects, building your own cloud is not a task that should be taken lightly. Rapidly changing customer demands and technologies have created a constant state of flux for IT teams. Additionally, competing interests are often blocking the path to success. It can be a real struggle to balance routine maintenance and continuity of cloud infrastructure with important projects centered around strategic improvement projects.

Join TierPoint and Nutanix for a webinar to discuss the key factors to consider when evaluating your cloud strategy. We’ll address these questions:
•Why are business outcomes fundamental to successful cloud projects?
•Even if you have the skills available to build your own cloud is it something you should do?
•How can service providers be that competitive edge for your organization?
•Practice leadership insights to leverage TierPoint Hosted Private Cloud to delight your customers and deliver success for your business

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