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Evolving Cyber Threats: Targeting the Hidden Attack Surface of Automation

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Carl Herberger - Radware, Vice President, Global Security Solutions; host: Paul Mazzucco, TierPoint Chief Security Officer

December 7, 2017 50 minutes

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Every day, we hear about Artificial Intelligence (AI) invading more and more of everything around us. Within Information Security, we cannot get around new algorithms, new machine learning techniques, and a rush to automate everything. However, have these new technologies paradoxically ushered in a completely new world of vulnerabilities? In this webinar for technical and non-technical business leaders, Carl Herberger, Radware’s Vice President of Global Security Solutions, explores a fascinating topic of how everything from APIs to people are being attacked in a new, hidden attack surface with a unique ability to cloak and anonymize its designers, and which has incredible speed and efficiency in its attack types. This presentation will highlight how each step towards deeper and total connectivity comes with consequences of needing to protect the very automation designed to make our world easy. In this session, you will learn how everything from humans to bots have weak undersides to automation and even AI interfaces can be duped into attacks. A frequent guest of Fox Business News, CNN, CBS Evening News, CNBC and Bloomberg Broadcast News, along with numerous NYT, WSJ and Washington Post citations, Herberger will share his insights and answer your questions about this important topic. About the speaker: Mr. Herberger is considered a foremost expert on the problems and solutions surrounding cyber attacks. In his role at Radware, he is responsible for developing, managing, and increasing the company's security practice, and serves as the primary corporate spokesperson in the Americas for security-related topics. Previously, Herberger held senior security leadership positions at Evolve IP, Barclaycard, and a top-five IT security consulting organization; he co-founded Allied InfoSecurity, Inc.—an international provider of best-in-class security consulting and technical compliance services; and served at the Pentagon.

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