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From Hurricanes to Hackers: The Expanding Horizons for Disaster Recovery

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David Hines, TierPoint - Vice President of Architecture and Engineering

August 22, 2018 51 minutes

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Business disruptions are not just inconvenient but can significantly damage a company’s reputation and bottom line. Many businesses are turning to Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions as they have effectively solved for downtime and data loss due to weather, system failures and human error. Moreover, DRaaS solutions are effective against cyber threats. Indeed, it’s not just the weather we should be worried about when it comes to disasters. One of the fastest growing types of attacks in recent years is ransomware. When infected, files and data are locked down and held hostage until a ransom is paid to the anonymous attacker. Due to the nature of DRaaS solutions, your organization is protected against ransomware thanks to available, continuous copies (or snapshots) of your data as well as processes to help fail back to regular operations. In this session, David Hines, Vice President of Architecture and Engineering at TierPoint will review the latest in ransomware tactics, and how to best prevent malware from entering the network in the first place. Sometimes, however, this is unavoidable and having a plan to mitigate the damage is a necessity. Register Today!

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