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Don’t be a Headline: Ransomware Basics and How to Achieve Good Security Hygiene

Organization under attack. Users locked out. Systems taken offline. Data at risk.
Ransomware attacks continue to make headlines and impact organizations of all types and sizes. A recent study found that business detections of ransomware attacks have skyrocketed 235 percent since early 2018. With this dramatic increase in attacks, it seems like a good time to talk to our resident security expert about ransomware. Why are these attacks increasing? Despite the visibility, risks, and costs of attacks, how are so many organizations still vulnerable? What can you do to defend your data from this threat? In this webinar, you’ll learn more about this hacker fan favorite including:
– Ransomware fundamentals – what is it and how does it work?
– Ransomware in the news.
– How to prevent ransomware.
– How to recover from ransomware attacks.

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