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SQL Server: Understanding Your Options for Disaster Recovery & High Availability

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Matt Aslett, 451 Research; Midd Carmack and Mike Donaghey, TierPoint

March 29, 2017 41 minutes

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Join Midd Carmack, Product Manager and Mike Donaghey, Manager of Database Administration at TierPoint along with Matt Aslett, Research Director for Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research, as they discuss the latest high availability capabilities in SQL Server 2016, how to architect to take full advantage of those features, and implications for a robust disaster recovery plan. Midd brings over 20 years of IT Infrastructure, Operating System and Database administration and product management experience to the discussion and will provide an overview of TierPoint as a Managed Services Provider and the company’s Hybrid IT strategy. Matt will explore the latest high availability capabilities in SQL Server 2016, including database mirroring, log shipping, availability groups, and failover clustering. In addition to reviewing the capabilities of each of these approaches, this session will also include a perspective on their relative merits and use-cases. Matt will also explore the drivers for managed database services, versus hands-on database administration, in delivering the goals of a database high availability strategy. Mike’s experience spans 15 years working with managed database clients to design and manage SQL implementations for a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial and manufacturing. Mike will offer technical perspective on implementing SQL capabilities to optimize disaster recovery protection and budget considerations. He will use case study examples describing the challenges and business requirements for a variety of SQL installs, along with strategies for solving those problems using the DR/HA features available with SQL Server today.

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