Simplified Clinical Improves Processes

As a leading provider of world-class clinical trial software, Simplified Clinical has built its reputation on delivering high-quality, cost-effective, compliant solutions to its clients. These are the same attributes the company required when they went looking for a data center solution that would support its business and technology needs. And that’s what it found with TierPoint.

For more than a decade Simplified Clinical has delivered the most advanced clinical trial information management solutions to the medical device and biotechnology community. Its Clinical Discovery PlatformSM (CDP) is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that serves as a single source for all data collection related tools and study documentation. As a hosted service, CDP helps organizations reduce clinical data collection costs, while increasing the speed with which data is collected, processed and made available for meaningful analysis.

Because of the nature of the medical and biotechnology industries, Simplified Clinical had specific technology requirements for its IT infrastructure. Key among them was business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure data was not lost; security to ensure information and applications weren’t compromised; and assurances that its clients could meet strict compliance requirements and regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

With TierPoint, Simplified Clinical has been able to achieve all of these requirements. The TierPoint colocation solution includes an IT infrastructure at its Marlborough, MA facility with mirrored virtual machines at its Allentown, PA (TekPark) facility providing disaster recovery services. Both data centers are highly compliant, making it easy to meet regulatory requirements. TierPoint’s 24×7 SmartHands technical support also plays a critical role by ensuring that the systems and cloud-based applications are always available.

According to John Schwope, CEO and founder of Simplified Clinical, working with TierPoint has helped eliminate the need for an in-house staff to support its IT infrastructure. “As a business focused on continually delivering current and effective clinical trial data management solutions, we don’t have the desire to commit valuable time and resources to develop and maintain the level of system expertise that a company like TierPoint can provide,” he stated. “With TierPoint, we don’t have to because they provide the depth and breadth of personnel to deliver all the services we require.”

When it comes to clinical trials, access to data is critical. With the TierPoint solution, Simplified Clinical has specific recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) that must be met to ensure that clients aren’t adversely affected by downtime. “In the past when it came to disaster recovery, our SOP’s called for a number of our developers and other moving parts to fix the problem,” said Schwope. With the TierPoint solution, that process is streamlined significantly. Not only does that help in successfully meeting our RTO and RPO objectives, but it also makes regularly scheduled testing and documentation a breeze. “As a business owner, it’s great to know that if there is a problem, we can make just one call to TierPoint regarding failover or failback and it will be handled quickly, and in accordance with predefined policies and procedures.”

The colocation solution also helps Simplified Clinical ensure that it and its clients meet the compliance issues that are prevalent to the medical and biotechnology industries. “Working with TierPoint has helped us provide the high level of services that clients have come to expect from our company,” said Schwope. “For our large clients, they have peace of mind knowing that we can help them meet the regulatory compliance and high quality standards that we and they have set for themselves. And for our smaller clients, many of whom are not even aware of the regulatory and security requirements, they can focus their limited resources on R&D without concern for having critical data dismissed by regulatory bodies due to non-compliant systems.”

According to Schwope, TierPoint is a long-term partner that can help his company as it expands in both capabilities and clients. “One of the great things about TierPoint is that as we grow as a business, we can quickly and easily scale out our IT infrastructure,” he concluded. “Equally important, as we continue to expand the type of services we offer, including our expansion onto mobile platforms, we know we can take advantage of TierPoint’s experience and expertise to build out these new capabilities, while continuing to meet the stringent compliance requirements that will protect our clients and their data.”

“As a business focused on continually delivering current and effective clinical trial data management solutions, we don’t have the desire to commit valuable time and resources to develop and maintain the level of system expertise that a company like TierPoint can provide.”

John Schwope

CEO & Founder, Simplified Clinical



Cloud Computing Services

Simplified Clinical needed to outsource their IT infrastructure to provide scalability, security and availability that met strict medical and biotech requirements.

TierPoint architects designed and implemented a state-of-the-art production cloud service to meet their compliance standards.

The new service eliminated the need for an in-house staff to support infrastructure and it optimized application performance and security levels.