Surgery Practice Turns to TierPoint for Secure Data Storage and Infrastructure Solution

The Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery is the largest oral surgery practice in North Carolina, and the only accredited oral maxillofacial facility in Charlotte. Each of the company’s four locations is dedicated to the highest level of patient care, delivered by board ­certified surgeons and a support staff committed to excellence.

The Center performs common procedures such as wisdom teeth removal, extraction of teeth, dental implants and jaw reconstructive surgery. In addition, patients can turn to the Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery when sports incidents, accidental falls, motor vehicle accidents, facial assaults and work-related injuries require surgery for maxillofacial injuries.The Center’s list of services also includes surgery for cleft lip and cleft palate, TMJ disorders, oral pathology and treatment of sleep apnea.

Throughout the past few years, the Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery has grown dramatically as it consistently adds new patients and performs more procedures. As a result, the amount of data the Center stores and processes has increased significantly. Some of the equipment—such as sophisticated CT scanners that create 3D images of a patient’s bone, nerves and teeth—produce large file sizes that require tremendous space and processing power. The Center’s existing IT infrastructure was unable to handle the load.

In searching for a communications technology provider that could help, one of the Center’s main criteria was a reputation for reliability.

“When our systems have gone down in the past, we’ve had patients piling up, doctors who are upset and a staff that can’t work—there’s nothing more frustrating than that,” said Danny Ketola, business manager for the Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery. “Patient care and productivity are negatively impacted and, as a result, patients can’t be treated and revenue is lost. We needed a provider that could prevent this from happening:”

The Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery turned to TierPoint as a trusted partner to provide managed network and cloud services to improve reliability and reduce costs. These managed services—in addition to the Center’s existing TierPoint voice and data services—give the Center a completely integrated set of TierPoint’s solutions, simplifying its IT infrastructure and the ongoing management of the network.

Working closely with the Center, TierPoint developed a solution that includes Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) with Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect the Center’s four locations, as well as Managed Router, Managed Network Security, and Public Cloud Solutions. TierPoint’s Public Cloud offers the Center access to TierPoint’s state-of-the-art infrastructure-powered from its SSAE-16 certified enterprise-class data centers-for processing, storage, networking, and security, which allows a company’s infrastructure capacity to be changed on demand.

“Before partnering with TierPoint, we considered buying several new servers of our own, but found it to be cost prohibitive, and it would require a lot of upkeep on our part,” said Ketola. “To complete a network upgrade on our own-and maintain it­ would have involved adding more IT staff. Now, we can rely on TierPoint to manage our infrastructure for us, knowing that they will keep our applications running smoothly. Plus, TierPoint’s security professionals safeguard the network with the latest software updates and around-the-clock monitoring:” As a leader in oral and facial surgery, the Center often implements the latest imaging software and other applications available in order to best treat its patients. In the past, adding those new applications was a process that could take weeks to complete. With TierPoint, the application is easily tested on a backup server and can be integrated into the Center’s IT infrastructure within minutes.

As more healthcare organizations move to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), the Center anticipates that EMR solutions suitable for dental practices will not be far behind. “Making that transition will be much easier with TierPoint,” said Dr. Dale Misiek, managing partner for the Carolinas Center.

The Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery plans to expand its practice in the near future with a new 12,000 sq. ft. office in Blakeney. With cloud solutions from TierPoint already in place, the Center will be able to get additional locations up and running with the necessary data and applications in very little time.

“Working with TierPoint allows us to be more proactive in continuously improving our patient care;’ said Dr. Misiek. “I know that our IT infrastructure is in TierPoint’s capable hands, and I don’t have to worry about the system going down. Instead, I’m able to concentrate on applications that directly improve the experiences of our patients and allow for a higher level of treatment at an affordable cost.”

“Working with TierPoint allows us to be more proactive in continuously improving our patient care.”

Dr. Dale Misiek

Managing Partner, Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery



Cloud/Data Center Communications, Managed Services & Network Security

A growing data load and system crashes prompted the Carolinas Center to seek a secure, reliable communications technology provider.

TierPoint instantly upgraded the Center’s IT infrastructure with Managed Router, Managed Network Security and Public Cloud Solutions.

TierPoint’s solution keeps applications and operations running smoothly while enabling location expansion and EMR integration.