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Tailor Made Servers Hosts with TierPoint

Tailor Made Servers (TMS) built its business on the strength of their commitment to their customers and excellent products. In fact, they emblazon that mantra on their website: “Dedicated servers done right. For you”. In their eleven years of operation, what started as a niche market, providing unmanaged, customized IT servers has grown substantially and TMS has grown steadily with it by building a loyal customers base, combining quality products with a high connectivity, low latency network and flawless support.

The Dallas-based company was founded in 2003 and was one of only a handful of providers at the time providing inexpensive, unmanaged dedicated servers with multiple configuration options. Although the number of providers doing hardware customization has grown substantially, TMS’ success and growth has been steady and consistent because of their reputation and commitment to excellence. Increased competition though means working better, smarter and more cost efficiently to stay ahead of the game.

“When we started there were probably three companies that do what we do. Now I’d say there are easily a thousand,” said Jose Quinones, President and Owner of Tailor Made Servers. But TMS has a competitive edge. Features such as Remote Reboot and 100Mbps Ports are standard and have been enjoyed by TMS customers on every server since day one. That cannot be said for most of their competitors. In 2008, when it was time to choose a new colocation provider who could grow with them and help them compete while meeting customer demand for reliable, secure service, they turned to TierPoint.

Tailor Made’s customers are primarily small companies and individuals who cover a wide spectrum of services including web hosting, game hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and VOIP (voice over IP) phone service. Some are resellers with much larger customers who have websites on their network, including a top-five Facebook apps provider. More than half of their customers are international, based in other countries. The common thread with all these customers is the expectation that service is delivered reliably with 100% uptime.

“We moved all of our infrastructure into TierPoint’s Dallas data center in 2008,” said Quinones. “Our business is very price sensitive and when we were starting out, we were smaller and we weren’t generating as much revenue per server as other businesses out there. So we initially selected another provider based mostly on pricing. But over time our provider was no longer as aggressive and we decided to consider a change. I was already familiar with TierPoint’s facility, their product always seemed like it was solid and good quality, we just couldn’t afford it when we were smaller and initially met. I toured the facility and everything looked great.” Six years later TMS and TierPoint are still teaming up to exceed customer expectations. In fact, since 2010 TierPoint has provided remote hands service to TMS on a retainer basis.

“We outsource most of our data center labor to TierPoint,” said Quinones. That work includes diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing any issues with Tailor Made’s on-site equipment within the data center. “We’re extremely happy and our customers are also happy with the service that TierPoint’s technicians provide. The reliability, responsiveness and know-how are great. I think the know-how is really the big difference between our previous provider and TierPoint. TierPoint’s technicians actually have a higher level of knowledge than we were used to before.”

Quinones says he doesn’t spend much time tracking Tailor Made’s competitors, but he knows there are others out there who have larger facilities with larger staffs and they sometimes make it hard to compete. “I don’t know that I can really compare my company with others, even though we may have offerings that are similar, we’re all so different.”

Nonetheless, the growth and success continue as Quinones considers the future, which could include expanding geographically to the east or west coast. From a services standpoint, TMS has considered adding cloud services to the portfolio, but if that happens it’s still down the road. “Some of our customers do offer cloud services through us,” said Quinones. “That may be an approach we take where we sell a pre-configured cloud to our customers.”

As far as his level of satisfaction with TierPoint, Quinones continues to be happy. “Over the years I’ve been very pleased with their service. TierPoint has been very consistent and always very willing to help which makes a big difference.”

We outsource most of our data center labor to TierPoint. We’re extremely happy and our customers are also happy with the service that TierPoint’s technicians provide. The reliability, responsiveness and know-how are great.

Jose Quinones

President & Owner, Tailor Made Servers


Hosting Services

Colocation Services

Growing business required choosing a new colocation provider who could deliver better support and grow with them while meeting customer demand for reliable, secure service.

Tailor Made has moved all of their IT infrastructure into TierPoint’s Dallas facility and outsources data center labor to TierPoint technicians.

Despite more competition, Tailor Made continues to thrive, operating efficiently and cost effectively while growing a loyal international customer base.