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The Frontline Is Everywhere: New Perspectives on Defense in Depth

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Brian Anderson, Director of Security Product Management

November 8, 201759 minutes

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As today’s businesses come under attack from increasingly malicious cyber threats, a traditional “defense in depth” strategy may become insufficient to effectively fend off attackers and prevent business disruptions and downtime. As mobility, IoT, and BYOD open new attack vectors and attacks become more sophisticated, the situation only worsens. While 100% prevention is impossible, rapid identification and containment is not. 
In this live webinar, TierPoint Director of Security Product Management, Brian Anderson will discuss why we need to redefine defense in depth approaches to safeguard data from emerging threats. 
Join Brian as he shares insight into the following key considerations when developing a better, more comprehensive security strategy: • The implications of the disappearing network edge. • Why a traditional “defense in depth” approach, while still a good start, is no longer sufficient • Keys to rapid identification and containment • How visibility, detection, escalation, and automated response help close the loop