What's Hot in Software-defined Networking: Solutions for On-demand Connectivity

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Jay Turner - PCCW Global, Jonathan Rubin - PCCW Global and Dominic Romeo - TierPoint

July 17, 201960 minutes

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The most important advantage of your colocation data center isn’t the physical security or the uptime, it’s the direct interconnections to your customers and ICT partners and providers. Watch this webinar to learn what’s trending in software-defined networking and how it can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your interconnects from your TierPoint data center, and remove friction for end users to set-up dedicated connections. You’ll see how simple network tools allow you to increase network security and implement solutions for high-traffic needs such as on-demand network redundancy. Discover your options for dedicated cloud connectivity, and how you can reduce latency between your sites and those hosting SaaS and clouds to improve performance for end users.