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Since 2014, TierPoint Sr. Director Procurement & Payables Linda Metzler has served on the board of directors for Almost Home, a St. Louis, Mo. charity that empowers young mothers to create better futures for themselves and their children.

“I was a young mom myself, and I credit my strong network—my family–for helping me successfully navigate the challenges,” said Linda. “Almost Home and its supporters become the strong network these girls lack.”

That support begins with basic needs assistance, including food and shelter.

“Once the women receive that stable foundation, we can help them work on a path to self-sufficiency,” said Linda. “Yes, it’s about school and jobs, but also wrap-around services like childcare, transportation and mental health. Many have experienced abuse and generational poverty, so counseling and life skills training are critical for long-term success.”

Linda received a TierPoint Gives Back donation, which she personally matched.

“Corporate gifts are helping us reach more people,” said Linda. “We’re working to expand services to women beyond residents and alumni, who receive support for up to eight years after leaving the home. We also plan to expand our Creating Employment Opportunities (CEO) Program, partnering with businesses for job skills training.”

Linda recently recruited colleague TierPoint Purchase to Pay Manager Nancy Wolfberg to join her on Almost Home’s board and finance committee.

“After moving to St Louis last year, I was looking for a place to volunteer,” said Nancy. “My mother died when I was 15, so I have some experience with how scary it can be to transition to adulthood without that support. Thankfully, I just had myself to worry about. Almost Home does an amazing service supporting young mothers and their children to help navigate that pivotal time.”

Linda and Nancy love that by helping these young women, they are also helping children, calling it a “two-for-one special” that helps break that cycle of poverty.

For Linda, it brings to mind a favorite Maya Angelou quote, “When we know better, we do better.”