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Load Balancing Services

TierPoint’s managed load balancing services are available in many different configurations to support a client’s performance needs.  We’re equipped to offer both basic and advanced load balancing services locally and globally with multiple persistency and high availability options.

Sample Services Include:

  • Virtual Internet Protocol (VIP) addressing
  • Protocol- and application-layer verification features, including cookie hashing
  • Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces
  • Optional HA configuration

An increasingly popular feature is geotargeting.  With this capability, the load balancing solution identifies traffic based on a tag or an IP address.  Rules can then determine what to do with that traffic and how to prioritize it.  For example, if a content request comes in, the response could be based on the requester’s location.

For example, a TierPoint e-commerce client wanted their customers to view a version of their website based on their local currency.  Their goal was to make sure their customers had a great buying experience without the hassle of currency conversion.  Geotargeting makes this possible.

Well-designed load balancing solutions integrate with other services that accelerate performance across your entire infrastructure such as a content delivery network (CDN) service.