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Learn more about how TierPoint can design tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Consulting Services

Major changes to your IT infrastructure, such as a move to the cloud, require thoughtful planning and expertise to mitigate risks like unplanned outages or mistakes that lead to significant unexpected costs and delays.

TierPoint offers a variety of consulting services to help clients benefit from the latest infrastructure technologies including cloud, disaster recovery (DR) and information security. On-going services include helping clients adapt their existing infrastructure resources to address their evolving business requirements.

TierPoint Consulting services include:

  • Cloud Readiness: Our experts engage with your IT and business leaders to evaluate your IT portfolio and then design solutions and roadmaps that deliver the performance and reliability you need
  • Migration Services: From single-server migrations to complete data center relocations, TierPoint helps you have a successful migration at every step from design and testing to data movement and redeployment
  • DR Planning & Roadmap: Get an analysis of your current DR plan or get assistance creating one. We also help you plan for your future DR needs. One common scenario where we excel is helping clients transition from a colocation-based DR program to a DRaaS solution that can provide additional flexibility and benefits
  • Security: TierPoint’s security consulting services help you acquire the solutions that balance the right mix of features for your levels of budget and risk. This includes helping you determine where managed security services make the most sense for you versus deploying unmanaged hardware and software security products

Migration Services Key Benefits
A decision to move to the cloud…or multiple clouds is a big one.   The same is true if you want you want to transfer from one cloud to another or if you want to add cloud instances for a hybrid IT solution.  It is very complicated even if you are already using a colocation solution.  Don’t go it alone.

TierPoint consultants help you:

  • Augment your existing IT staff with specialized cloud skills and deep migration expertise
  • Match your workloads and applications to the right cloud or colocation platform
  • Cut the time required to complete a migration
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Helps you select the right type of migration
  • Conduct migrations and testing efficiently

Why TierPoint
TierPoint has more than 5,000 clients today. Virtually all of them have had some kind of migration into our facilities whether it was for private and multi-tenant clouds or colocation.  We have the have the necessary experience and accrued lessons learned from these customers spread out over our locations across the United States.

Beyond migration consulting services, TierPoint is getting increasing recognition for its DR capabilities.  In one case, a customer wanted a DR solution that he felt didn’t exist on the market, so we collaborated with his team and built it.  We can build a DR solution for you that meets your recoverability requirements and provides you with plentiful replication and backup options over different U.S. regions.

Security consulting is also a TierPoint strength.  In addition to highly-certified consultants at our data centers, we operate a national security office that includes experts focused on regulation compliance, best practices and the latest threats including DDoS and Ransomware.  This team also sets quality standards for the entire company for physical and online security.  TierPoint consulting teams regularly engage leaders from our national security office to help clients get the best security program for their needs.

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