Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Take full advantage of the security benefits of your investment with Microsoft 365 management services

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Microsoft 365 gives you all the tools you need to be productive anywhere.

Managed Microsoft Office 365 Fact Sheet

Managed Microsoft 365 Fact Sheet

Ensure you receive a comprehensive and seamless experience with all the key benefits of Microsoft 365

Managed Microsoft 365 Fact Sheet

Simplify Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 gives you all the benefits to securely work from anywhere, but companies are realizing that they still have to provide IT resources to manage and support it day to day. Managed Microsoft 365 from TierPoint allows you to maximize your subscription and eases the burden of daily maintenance and support, allowing your IT team to work on other projects. Pass the complexity of managing the security configurations of Microsoft 365 to a dedicated team that focuses on Microsoft 365 every day.

Lessen the Strain on Your IT Resources

  • Professional Support – Our team of more than 300 managed services professionals is here to support you.
  • Certified Security-Minded Consultants – With over 1,000 security and privacy controls, let our IT experts configure and manage the advanced security features to protect your business from sophisticated threats.
  • End-to-End Management – We provide full migration, deployment, admin and end-user support, and management services.
  • Expertise – We’ve got you covered, for simple or complex migrations. We migrate and deploy customers every day, and keep up-to-date with all the latest from Microsoft.
  • Hybrid Specialists – We specialize in hybrid IT environments that help clients improve response times, drive performance, and manage risk.

Customer Success Stories


We tried a couple of hosting companies during the first few years, but they didn’t quite meet our expectations. We knew we needed a reliable hosting company that could provide great customer support and ensure minimum downtime for our customers. So we provided TierPoint with an extensive checklist of our requirements. Based on the response, we knew we had found the company we wanted to work with.

Kat Shenoy
President and CEO

Plaid Pantry

TierPoint came to the table with a solution that met all our requirements within the budget we had assigned. The systems worked flawlessly and the TierPoint security staff was a joy to work with as we installed and learned the new system. We couldn’t be happier!

Brad Buckmaster
IT Director
Plaid Pantry

Central Valley School District

After touring the TierPoint–owned data center facilities and meeting the organization’s management and engineering teams, it became clear that TierPoint was the cloud provider that made us feel we could successfully accomplish our objectives.

Rob Curnow
Technology Services Supervisor
Central Valley School District

Complimentary Cloud Readiness Assessment

Map a Plan to Positive ROI with Microsoft 365

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Tierpoint End User HelpDesk

Make the most of Microsoft 365 with TierPoint End User HelpDesk

How many help desk calls do you get when you upgrade a piece of software likeMicrosoft 365? Free up your IT team and let TierPoint manage it for you. You’ll ensure your users get the support they need, while IT focuses on more strategic initiatives. We handle your basic end-user questions like password resets, login issues, or Outlook connection problems so you don’t have to.

Your end users get access to our experienced Microsoft 365 support team with advice for setup and configuration and support for all Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more), Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. In addition to Managed Microsoft 365 for administrative management, TierPoint also offers the optional Help Desk Services as an add-on service to provide end-user support as well.

Managed Microsoft 365 is ideal for:

  • Freeing your IT up from the day-to-day management tasks required with Microsoft 365
  • Determining when and how to implement a hybrid architecture for balancing different requirements across an organization
  • Performing ongoing updates and maintenance of the environment when you have limited internal IT resources
  • Designing the best approach to support federated identity with Microsoft 365
  • Offering your employees end-to-end customer support, helping make the most of your Microsoft 365 investment

What’s the ROI on Office 365?

Microsoft commissioned Forrester to do a Total Economic Impact Study on Office 365 for enterprise-level customers. Here’s what they found:

Financial Summary Showing Three-Year Risk-Adjusted Results





NPV per user:



7 months

Source Forrester Research, Inc.
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Hybrid support and expertise

Microsoft 365 from TierPoint is built to give you flexibility. It allows for a hybrid implementation with some mailboxes on-premises and others in the cloud. We are experts in building and maintaining hybrid environments. We work with you to understand your specific needs, architect a solution to meet those needs, and then migrate your existing infrastructure in a staged process, to keep disruption to a minimum.

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