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Driving Backup and Data Protection for ChildCare Education Institute

TierPoint helps ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) meet data protection and backup goals with SQL data backup and data recovery services. 



ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) specializes in providing online child care training and certificates, child care registry development, and administrative solutions for the early care and education industry. As the leading distance training provider in child care center curricula, CCEI offers professionals 150+ online child care training courses in English and Spanish to meet licensing, recognition program, and Head Start requirements. In addition to online professional development, CCEI offers online certificate programs that help meet the coursework requirements for national credentials, such as the Child Development Associate (CDA), online Director Credentials, Early Childhood Credential, renewals, custom programs, and other continuing education options.

CCEI’s website provides front-end access to users who log in from all over the United States, accessing a SQL database on the backend. These users need access to real-time data without worrying about data loss or significant downtime. As a result, CCEI was on the hunt for a system that would integrate with SQL server in an environment like theirs, meeting constraints of data transfer, security and redundancy, quality service, and uptime. They also needed a system that allowed for secure backup of SQL databases incrementally, was easy to use and would provide what they needed in terms of data recovery and retrieval.


Early on, CCEI’s concerns were mostly regarding equipment failure and connectivity issues but have since evolved to security issues and data loss. The organization needs to protect a combination of transactional data and historical archival data for a registry that tracks and gathers historical information about people who work in the childcare industry in their state. The information can include where they’ve worked, the training they’ve received, pay, or promotion status.

CCEI’s clients, ECE practitioners in a range of settings including family child care, preschool, prekindergarten, childcare centers, state registries, and more, need to be assured that their data is backed up and protected, and CCEI needs to make sure they’re meeting regulatory standards. In the selection process, they determined TierPoint’s services could meet their data security needs, both in the transport process where backups are run intermittently and at rest.

To maintain data security, CCEI needs to be mindful of the frameworks and requirements that roll down from federal departments, get picked up by state departments, and become the benchmark. They’re looking at and embracing parts of the NIST framework, a benchmark for validating data security and overall system security. They’re also in the process of completing their first SOC 2 audit.


Since starting with TierPoint, CCEI has been able to use a Windows-compatible SQL server agent to back up data with the SQL agent, as well as back up code for data security, data recovery, and system recovery capabilities in the event of catastrophic production failure. This is implemented on servers; and everything is scheduled through the TierPoint panel on the back end. The level and degree of frequency of what’s needed is based on their internal needs or client requirements. Since it’s managed through the back end, CCEI has access whenever they need it to whatever’s being backed up.


CCEI enjoys the hands-off nature of the data backup. Once it’s configured the way they want, it runs without any issues. Additionally, they can access data at rest remotely if needed. The process for accessing data is clean and easy to use. Customers can also get recall and self-fulfill via the portal.

“Whether it’s the business side or the technical side, we’ve been satisfied with the level and quality of service we’ve had over the years we’ve spent with TierPoint.”

Scott Taylor

IT Network Support

At A Glance

SQL Data Backup & Retrieval

TierPoint Customer
ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI)

CCEI needed a system that would integrate with SQL server and meet data transfer, security, redundancy, and uptime requirements for their clients and internally.

TierPoint provided a Windows-compatible SQL server agent that CCEI can use to back up data and code for data security, data recovery, and system recovery purposes in the event of catastrophic production failure.

After the backup is configured, CCEI can enjoy hands-off management, confident that they will be able to access data at rest remotely when needed.


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