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OneCall Utilizes TierPoint Security Solutions

The DDoS solution was customized by TierPoint to work flawlessly in protecting OneCall from various forms of denial of service.



OneCall is an online electronics retailer. Since 1996, they have been providing their customers everything needed to select the right product, place their order, track their delivery, and then support the entire process. They designed their website to be of maximum service to their customer, so security and uptime are critical to success.


OneCall was proactively researching solutions to protect against multiple distributed denial of service (DDoS), SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. While their existing systems were protecting them, they recognized that the security landscape was rapidly changing. They needed a system that not only protected them, but also learned and grew as they did.


A DDoS protection solution and Web Application Firewall were immediately identified as the core products required to fully protect OneCall’s online assets. Their public facing web and database servers would be protected from known and unknown attack vectors by implementing the best-in-class solutions.

The Web Application Firewall implemented a “learning” mechanism that would automatically adjust its thresholds and determine good versus bad traffic. An online reputation database was used in concert with the firewall to involuntarily block known rogue IP addresses.


With this finely tuned hardware in place, OneCall avoided the disruptions they were concerned about during the holiday season. It allowed them to focus on what they have come to be known for: strong online retail electronic sales and first rate customer service and support.
The solution not only protected OneCall from major attacks, but also minimized traffic to their site by using reputation-based services that would black hole known rogue hosts and eliminate connections not following proper RFC procedures.

TierPoint was pleased to have provided a world-class solution for OneCall which has enabled them to continue to grow their online presence while decreasing their exposure to online attacks.

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“The solution TierPoint recommended and implemented has proven invaluable to our day-to-day online retail sales. If it were not for TierPoint, we would have been exposed during the holiday shopping season which could have been catastrophic and jeopardized our continued success.”

Kent Schafer

IT Director, OneCall

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Online Retail

Managed Security Services

OneCall was proactively researching solutions to protect against multiple distributed denial of service (DDoS), SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

TierPoint provided a multi-prong approach utilizing solutions from multiple vendors to secure the perimeter of OneCall’s online presence.

The solution equipped OneCall with the protection necessary to maintain full business operations. OneCall celebrated a successful holiday season due to 100% availability powered by the customized solution that TierPoint provided.


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