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By Joe Conlin, Senior Solutions Engineer, TierPoint

Why is Hybrid IT the buzzword of the moment in management circles?  Because it can reduce capital spending, let you take advantage of all the efficiencies and flexibility of the cloud and protect the specialized data assets that make your business unique.

In the black-and-white-world of a few years ago, traditional IT infrastructure was owned and managed by a company, either on premise or distributed to various locations.  This offered lots of control, and required lots of expense.  Cloud solutions beckoned with little capital investment and greater flexibility.  But still, solutions were one or the other, black or white, either-or.

Until now.  Hybrid IT uses the best of both worlds and offers a better solution for our full-color world.

After the first rush to cloud solutions, we learned that one size does not fit all.  In fact, CIOs charged with implementing cloud solutions have run into a big roadblock:  the 20 percent of their infrastructure that doesn’t fit into a cloud solution.

I hear about this frequently in talking with clients.  About 80 percent of their assets will fit into a cloud solution – but 20 percent won’t.  Typically, that 20 percent consists of the custom hardware, networks or data that differentiate the company from their competition.  It’s their DNA.

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Hybrid IT lets you make use of the cloud to decouple and manage services such as ERP, CRM, Salesforce, NetSuite, Azure, Amazon, Office 365 and many others.  This arrangement makes it easier to change solutions to fit your business, and simplifies security and IT resilience.

Hybrid IT also lets you take advantage of your purchased hardware.  IT solutions are developing so rapidly that in the time it takes to spec, purchase and implement your custom hardware, new solutions have arrived that make it obsolete.  Now what do you with it?  Previously, your equally distasteful choices were to sell it or write it off.  Hybrid IT enables you to continue to put your hardware to good use.

Remember that 20 percent of IT infrastructure and assets that wouldn’t fit in a cloud solution?  Now your hardware can be used to house what might be most prized or unique to your company.  Keep it as part of your overall architecture; use it for developing and testing, disaster recovery or even as proprietary data.

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Hybrid IT is the bridge between the old world and the new.  Now you don’t have to make either-or decisions.  You can reap the reward of Hybrid IT:  reduced capital spending, increased efficiencies and flexibility, and protection of your business’s DNA.


Joe Conlin is a Senior Solutions Engineer at TierPoint.  For a better part of  the last decade, Joe has helped companies around the globe leverage expert technology solutions. His specialized area of focus is on private and multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, including navigating the ever-changing world of enterprise hardware vendors and hypervisors. In Joe’s own words: “I like knowing what makes things tick, how they break, and how to make them tick more and break less!”