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September 12, 2019 | Sachin Chheda

BraveIT Spotlight: IT’s Journey to Multicloud

Enterprises have been leveraging cloud infrastructure for some time now. And, there are many options to choose, from on-prem private clouds, public clouds, and hosted or managed private cloud. However what applications and data get placed where has been a question perplexing IT and application owners alike. IDC found in their 2018 Cloud and AI adoption survey that almost 50% of survey respondents considered private cloud to be their ideal destination to run applications and workloads.

The same study found that 36% of the respondents considered their ideal state to include hosted and managed clouds. This number was fairly uniform across all the industries surveyed. This comes as no surprise in this day and age of heavy investments in digital transformation, need for highly responsive applications, and heighten sensitivity to data privacy. You can read more in the Infobrief: Surviving and Thriving in a Multicloud World.

Another interesting finding from the study showed a significant number of applications were being repatriated back to private clouds, including managed private clouds due to factors like security, performance, and cost. Complementing the IDC research, the 2018 Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index study found that workloads with predictable characteristics – number of users, storage I/O requirements, and bandwidth consumption – were more often run most cost-effectively in a private cloud.

How service providers fit in

This is one of the reasons why Service Providers delivering hosted private cloud will continue to play a major role in organizations and IT’s cloud strategy. They can help deliver the best of public and private clouds. Two specific areas where this comes through are:

OpEx vs. CapEx

Managed service providers can eliminate the need for major capital expenditures on IT infrastructure. Rather than attempting to gauge IT investments based on 3-to-5-year forecasts, organizations can take a pay-as-you-go approach as operations expand. For CapEx oriented organizations, service providers can provide a managed model allowing for depreciation of the fixed assets.

Doing more with less

One of the top challenges organizations reported in the 2018 Enterprise Cloud Index study was difficulty retaining IT talent. The right provider can make it possible to accomplish more with less staff worrying about private cloud

But not all hosted private clouds are created equal

It is critical to have the right combination of managed services provider, datacenter and colocation provider, IT infrastructure, and cloud tools. This is why Nutanix is excited to collaborate with TierPoint to bring responsive, secure and scalable private cloud solutions to our customer.

TierPoint has made this hosted private cloud service available in 40 of its data centers, all of which are HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, and SSAE 18 compliant. This service is already in production with several clients in the US. TierPoint can also tailor their service built on industry-leading Nutanix’s web-scale architecture to an organization’s unique needs. This includes managed services options that extend into the operating system, integrating other managed services like storage, backup, disaster recovery, network security, and more.

TierPoint and Nutanix streamlines IT’s journey to multicloud. With the TierPoint hosted private cloud offering powered by Nutanix, organizations are not bogged down in maintaining infrastructure, security, and service levels; instead, they can focus on innovation and core business objectives. We invite you to reach out to your Nutanix and TierPoint reps to learn more about this offering.


BraveIT Spotlights are guest blog posts from our 2019 BraveIT sponsors. Sachin Chheda is Senior Director of Solutions and Verticals Marketing at Nutanix. Nutanix is a global cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions provider.

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