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Database Management Services

For clients using Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, TierPoint’s Database Management Services experts can provide administration, perform backup and recovery services, as well as performance troubleshooting.

Woman leveraging database management services.

Increase Focus on Business Applications

Administration for SQL or MySQL can be tedious and a learning curve for IT staff not well-versed in management.

TierPoint’s Database Management provides an external resource for detailed setup, monitoring, and maintenance of your databases. Your staff is then able to focus on running your business applications.

A View into the Health of Your Systems

Comprehending the full scope and status of your environment is made clearer when everything is in one place. Database monitoring gives you a view into your entire environment. Receive updates on alerts, performance analysis, and remediation measures.

Getting a full view of the health of your systems can help you make quicker decisions and revisions.

Full view of the system’s health thanks to database management services.

Manage Exponential Data Growth

TierPoint experts can manage your complex, critical SQL and MySQL application. This ensures your important business workloads remain resilient, stable, high-performing, and secure.

The rapid growth of data requires a proactive response - managing the influx and making sense of it all. A negative effect of data growth is the risk of not being compliant with industry regulations or stress on application performance. Being responsive with database management can help with these potential challenges and more.

Database management can include anything that serves to ensure compliance, protect data, and boost application performance. Protecting and maintaining data from start to finish in the database can help with data security and efficiency.

TierPoint’s experts provide database services and support for the following:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring 
  • Database analysis and recommendations, including licensing strategy
  • Tool installation and configuration
  • Implementation of maintenance processes 
  • Support for instance recovery due to a crash, with root cause analysis
  • Event notification and escalation
  • Capacity planning


TierPoint database management includes the following monitoring services:

  • SQL service availability 
  • Database connectivity 
  • Backup compliance 
  • Job failures 
  • Resource use (disk, memory, CPU) 
  • Quality of service (QOS) data for analysis including I/O performance and wait statistics

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Let’s discuss how our experts can help you handle the detailed setup, maintenance, and monitoring for SQL/MySQL administration. Benefit from our years of experience, and get back to running your applications and achieving your business goals.