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Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Powered by Metallic

TierPoint’s Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 service delivers powerful, enterprise-grade data protection and recovery services against ransomware, accidental deletion, and data corruption for Microsoft 365 applications, including Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

Safeguard Your Microsoft 365 Data & Reduce Risk

Microsoft’s shared responsibility model puts them in charge of global infrastructure, ensuring applications remain up and running, leaving customers with the responsibility of finding third-party support for backup and recovery.


Ransomware and Data Loss Protection

  • Zero-trust access controls for user authorization within the web portal
  • Data encryption in-flight and at rest – ensure data is protected during the backup process and in storage
  • Isolated immutable backups - Air gapped backups to restore from a point before an attack
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Unify Management and Scalability

  • Optimize your infrastructure and reduce capital with a SaaS solution
  • Pay for active users/licenses with zero egress fees
  • Adjust your monthly subscription to control cost
  • Scale up to meet the needs of your growing business

Ensure Business Continuity

  • Comprehensive risk mitigation and faster recovery
  • Limit data traversing networks
  • Flexible data restore options
  • Quickly search and locate critical data
  • Restore data how you want with multiple retention mailbox policies.
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Maintain Compliance

  • Meet industry requirements such as: SOC2 Type II, ISO.IEC 27001:2013, and GDPR.
  • Enable more robust searches with eDiscovery features
  • Intuitively identify, categorize and save critical data for compliance
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Improve Productivity

  • Reduce Downtime with accelerated recovery
  • Work with Metallic-certified experts to maximize backup and recovery
  • Shorten learning curves with a simplified onboarding experience
  • Single sign-on access to all of your Managed Microsoft 365 applications
  • Ongoing backup infrastructure management to ensure systems stay up to date

Top 3 Reasons for SaaS App Data Loss


Malicious attack:
Ransomware and internal

bad actors


Data corruption:
Complications from integrations or service unavailability


Accidental deletion:
User or admin error

But only 13% understand their role in safeguarding their data.
Source: ESG, The Evolution of Data Protection Cloud Strategies, 2021

Why Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365?

With more onus for data protection on the customer, the need for backup and recovery is prevalent.

The Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility Model

The Microsoft 365 customer is responsible for the access and control of the data stored in the service, backup and data retention, data ownership, and choosing security measures to protect data from external and internal threats.

Microsoft 365 Native
Capabilities vs. 3rd party

Microsoft 365 native capabilities are limited and standard offerings won’t be enough to safeguard your data and stay compliant. Protect your data from permanent removal or deletion with a third-party tool to backup and recover.

Metallic-Certified Experts

Wherever your organization’s data lives, you can back up and recover it with the help of TierPoint’s Metallic-Certified Experts. Workloads can be backed up by Microsoft 365 to meet your recovery needs.

Comprehensive Enablement

Our experts can ensure that no gaps exist in data protection policies and that restore and backup points are set up to benefit your business and reduce downtime from start to finish.

Let’s discuss how we can protect your Microsoft 365 data and applications from data loss and downtime.


Accidental Data Deletion Recovery

Microsoft 365 has limited capabilities in terms of data recovery. When an item expires or has been deleted from the Recycle Bin, it’s gone forever, but with our backup and recovery services, it doesn’t have to be.

Search & Quickly Locate Critical Data

Our backup and recovery services can help you locate this data quickly when faced with a threat or accidental deletion. Search based on subject, author, and more, finding what you need in minutes.

Restore Data Where You Want

Whether you’d like data to be restored to the original user who performed the deletion, or to another user who may need access, our recovery services allow you to restore data where you want.

Whether you’d like data to be restored to the original user who performed the deletion, or to another user who may need access, our recovery services allow you to restore data where you want.

Monitor Compliance Across Applications

Keep your data protection in good standing and monitor the status of your data compliance across applications from one uniform dashboard.


Ensure Your Backups
Are Running

Recovery tasks and backup jobs can be viewed via the dashboard, with reports available on a recurring or on-demand basis.


Stay In Compliance

With eDiscovery, you can respond to legal requests to satisfy compliance requirements – by leveraging the advanced search and data export features.

TierPoint Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365
by Metallic Capabilities


FAQ Section

Ensure Protection for Your Microsoft 365 Solution with Backup and Recovery.

Let’s discuss how we can safeguard your Microsoft 365 data to ensure your applications stay up and running in the face of an outage or disaster. Connect with us today to learn how.