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OS Management

Keeping up to date with the many patches, configuration changes, and license renewals of  enterprise systems is a time-consuming, yet critical, task. TierPoint’s OS Management service helps keep your company’s Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms current and secure.

Servers optimized with OS management.

Optimize Servers

Get the best out of your equipment with our system management experts. TierPoint’s technicians will identify the latest security patches and configuration vulnerabilities that need attention. Then we’ll implement and manage them for your public cloud virtual servers or servers in any TierPoint data center.

Ensure Consistent Performance

Protect your servers with 24x7 maintenance and support. Our OS management team will configure, tune, patch, and monitor your systems to ensure consistent performance and minimal downtime.

Mobile devices secured with Managed OS protection.
IT infrastructure to manage OS and minimize downtime.

Minimize Risk

Unexpected outages and security breaches can cause significant downtime and even data loss. Eliminate system vulnerabilities and minimize downtime by having TierPoint manage your OS. Our monitoring and escalation processes catch problems early before they cause trouble. By ensuring your platforms are correctly patched and configured, we can help prevent data breaches, system failures, and other threats to your applications and infrastructure. 

Extend your Team with OS Management

TierPoint’s skilled experts provide day-to-day support for Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers. Our specialists will work with your IT team to monitor and manage your operating system in the public cloud, or on your physical or virtual servers in any TierPoint data center.

OS Management, Simplified

We not only keep watch over system performance and security to ensure maximum uptime, but we also simplify license and patch management. We identify patch availability and manage and deploy patches and updates for supported servers located in the public cloud and in TierPoint data centers.


We’ll install, provision, configure, tune, and harden servers for you.

Connect with Us

Let’s discuss how we can help you stay up-to-date with your operating system’s configurations, licenses, and patches with our managed OS services.