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IT Network Services

Reliable, low-latency connectivity is a must for any business to compete in the digital marketplace. If you’re looking for more predictable network traffic, want to add the internet of things (IoT) to your digital transformation arsenal, or are creating and delivering high volumes of content, you can’t mess around with unreliable network IT services.

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Improve User and Customer Experience

High-performance and low-latency connections improve productivity and the overall user experience. Even minuscule amounts of time shaved off your end-users’ time can accumulate, keeping customers from abandoning a process and saving valuable staff time. 


Any lag time can shake confidence, create frustration, or lose a customer forever. Reliable network connections can help prevent these missteps.

Optimize Networking Spend

Don’t feel locked in by networking costs. We offer the ability to optimize your connection size for changing workloads, bursting your traffic with periods of higher demand. 


If you experience seasonal or occasional spikes in demand, your rates don’t have to reflect those highest numbers. Gain more flexibility and control over your networking bottom line. 


More flexibility and control with network services.
Seamless connectivity to keep the business running.

Ensure Seamless Connectivity

Outages can stop traffic on your network, leading to a loss in revenue, productivity, and trust. Seamless connectivity keeps everyone moving in the right direction. 

Enabling More Connectivity Options With Network Solutions

TierPoint’s solutions can simplify and strengthen every component of your network infrastructure. Our expertise has you covered across your whole network - inside the data center, between data centers, via hybrid cloud, and all the way to the network edge. We can also manage your network, ensuring that it works consistently for your business. 

  • Internet Bandwidth
  • Load Balancing Services
  • Interconnect Express (ICX)
  • Cross Connects
  • Data Center Fabric (DCF)

We offer burstable bandwidth and BGP-capable connections with IPv4 and IPv6 support and redundant hand-offs, delivering 100% SLA. You can easily monitor all options in the TierPoint Portal.

TierPoint’s load balancing and high-availability (HA) options for database, application, web, and storage-related servers can help optimize your network performance and maximize asset utilization across your entire network. This can all be done based on geographic proximity and infrastructure health and includes cloud and on-premises environments. 

TierPoint’s ICX multi-point provides high-performance managed bandwidth between TierPoint data centers at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Connectivity is scalable, redundant, provisioned rapidly, and backed by the SLA of your choice: 99.9% for single links and 99.99% for redundant links. 

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With TierPoint, you can connect to the internet, private line, and other network services with industry-standard cabling systems. TierPoint offers multiple types of physical cross connects, including copper and fiber, and our structured cabling systems allow you to connect to new carriers quickly. 

To meet the growing network demands of our clients, our converged, high-speed, resilient data center fabric will provide flexible and scalable customer access with up to 100Gb connections in our largest data centers. 


Data center fabric is a two-layer network architecture with a spine-leaf design that provides high bandwidth, agility, and resilience for communications within the data center.


Yes. TierPoint’s Interconnect Express (ICX) service allows you to bypass the internet and exchange data directly between TierPoint data centers using private, low-latency network bandwidth.

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