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Improve Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy

With an ever-changing IT landscape, digital transformation initiatives need to create great customer experiences. The right touchpoints can create a competitive advantage for businesses as they strive to better support their internal users and customers. Better-performing systems and applications are at the heart of a strong customer experience. 


Understand the Business Implications of Technology

IT teams today need to embrace user- and customer-centricity, create integrated experiences, and consider a design-first way of thinking. Technology should always support business goals while paving the way forward. 


Neglecting these approaches and technological advancements can result in negative outcomes for the business. 


For example, slow download times on a website can lead to customer abandonment.  If a digital product or service comes with a frustrating experience, it can reduce the chance of its success. Thus negatively impacting customer satisfaction.


Another example is employees being less productive due to poor user experiences and lack of support for remote working. Reduced productivity can also lead to a poor customer experience.


Both of these setbacks can negatively impact your business goals. 


Cloud platforms can help streamline and improve those scenarios. With cloud platforms and tools, businesses can deploy new digital customer experiences faster. This means your product can be in the market in days rather than months.


Leveraging the cloud can also deliver additional business value, like meeting evolving customer expectations and improving the customer experience (with speed and reliability). 



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Be Nimble in the Face of Change

Your systems should have the ability to scale and be agile. Businesses may see spikes throughout the year when customers use a digital product more. For instance, many businesses see spikes in digital traffic during the Black Friday shopping season. How do businesses manage that increased customer engagement with their products during these spikes?


What happens when the spike is over? Does your solution have the ability to scale back down to normal levels (to prevent spending more than you need to)?


Don’t let your IT user experience be hindered by an inability to scale. System or application performance isn’t enough. You need to be able to scale the experience as you grow. 


Scaling with the cloud, especially the public cloud, is an easy way to support your business processes as you grow, giving you the ability to deploy resources efficiently and quickly. The public cloud is particularly good for big data, eCommerce, media and collaboration, and specialty workloads.


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Adapt to Support WFH

According to Gallup, 53% of hybrid workers plan to continue to work in a hybrid work environment beyond 2022.


Enabling a work-from-home environment is an adaptation most businesses have made or will need to make in the near future. As our working world becomes more remote, organizations need to focus on connecting coworkers, partners, and clients from any device. 


Services such as Managed Office 365 can help businesses make calls, chat, collaborate, share files, make calls in and outside of organizations, work on Office files, and take advantage of cloud storage. 


Ease of use and security can both be top of mind with productivity tools, virtual tools, and network solutions that help get the job done. 

How Can We Help


Need more computing power and faster storage? Leveraging TierPoint cloud services can deliver scalability, flexibility, and faster time to market.


Having an expert in your corner can help take your business to the next level. TierPoint IT advisory services can help you map out a strategy to make your customer experience projects a reality. 


Get and stay connected with fast and reliable network services. TierPoint Network Services can deliver reliable low-latency connectivity even in second- and third-tier markets.


Microsoft 365 Managed Services is built to give access to industry-leading  collaboration and productivity tools along with strategic planning, consultative support, and mangement.

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