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IT Services for Professional Services

IT services for professional services can address the needs of the legal industry, architects, engineers, marketing professionals, and other consultants and service providers. 

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Our Satisfied Customers

Professional Services and Legal IT services

Professional service firms have a high bar to meet. Expectations include meeting project management deadlines, delivering value on business goals, and minimizing non-billable time in their practice management. All while simultaneously being faced with IT challenges. 

There are many obstacles that can impact your client results and drain away valuable hours, such as:

  • addressing cybersecurity and compliance concerns, 
  • managing outdated IT infrastructure,
  • meeting growing storage requirements, and
  • grappling with time-wasting workflows.

Transforming to Enhance Customer Experiences

A major goal for professional services and advisory firms is to increase productivity and efficiency. To do this, they need to be focused on artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and public cloud services. 


They also need to better accommodate remote workers while not overloading their internal teams. 


The workforce landscape is also transforming alongside professional and legal technology solutions. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is built to grow alongside a remote workforce. It can help businesses withstand any interruption, temporary or long-term. 

Cybersecurity Challenges for Legal Industry

Professional consulting firms can fall victim to cyberattacks, targeted ransomware hits, and skill gaps due to a shortage of IT talent. 


Law firms have become an increasingly attractive target for ransomware attacks due to the nature of their business. Breaches can cause reputational and financial damage, in addition to data loss. 


While firms may need expert help to improve security, worker shortages can make this need difficult to fulfill.

What We Do


Free your team from day-to-day IT tasks by partnering with TierPoint. Get back to building client experiences that drive revenue. Our experts will become an extension of your team. They can provide strategic IT guidance and experience in diverse skill sets including:

  • cybersecurity
  • disaster recovery
  • cloud services

The numbers speak for themselves

The global AI market by 2027
64% of marketing leaders report that data-driven strategies are vital in today’s economy
Law firms that reported a security breach

Protect Client Data and Trust

You are responsible for handling your client’s confidential information and intellectual property in a safe and secure manner. You also need to meet both regulatory mandates and client expectations. One way you may do this is by providing secure portal access to client files and case documents. 


Employees expect reliability and security on-the-go. This requires secure agile access that fits their flexible and remote work life.

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Foster Reliable and Secure Collaboration

Collaborating and sharing fuels efficiency and performance while improving the experience for the end user. Employees and contractors need to be able to access company data and systems from anywhere. The ideal way is remotely over a fast communication network, in real-time to facilitate proper collaboration. 


You should be able to add new users to the fold with ease. Security and control are also essential simultaneous priorities to this sharing ecosystem.

Meet Data Privacy Requirements

Big data challenges coupled with compliance mandates can be a lot to take on for a firm. You need to make an ever-growing amount of information accessible to the right people. Maintaining a scalable, high-performance storage infrastructure on your premises comes with a hefty price tag. You need to think about how you can maintain access at all times, but still better manage your costs.

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Cloud technology. IT solutions for professional services.

Automate Day-to-day Tasks with the Cloud

You can make improvements to client service just by managing client workflows and administrative processes in a smarter way. Forward-thinking professional services firms use automation to gain more visibility over projects, identifying insights that can help mitigate project delays. Eliminate time wasted on time-consuming and manual administrative tasks. Hit your deadlines with innovative collaboration and workflow technologies.


  • Cloud Services

    Ingest and analyze large data sets to help deliver superior performance for your customers. Customize a cloud solution with the compute, storage, and network your organization requires.

  • Security & Compliance

    The best approach to security involves multiple layers that work to defend against cyberthreats. TierPoint’s security services allow you to custom safeguard each layer in your environment.

  • Recovery Services

    Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) allows you to minimize downtime for business continuity. Imagine being back to business in minutes instead of days. DRaaS can help you return your focus to clients in record time. 

  • Colocation & Data Center Services

    Your critical apps and data will be protected with our nationwide footprint of compliant data centers and a 100% uptime SLA. Remove the line item of managing your own infrastructure. Instead, enjoy a diverse array of network management partners and public cloud on-ramps. 

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