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Pricing Guidance

Due diligence resources to help you understand and weigh your IT outsourcing options

How Much Will My IT Project Cost?


One size doesn’t fit all

Every organization has its own unique technology footprint (e.g. servers and legacy applications), requirements to meet (e.g. regulatory compliance, timeline to deploy), and internal skill sets that could impact the size and type of technology project.


Consider all costs

It is essential to evaluate both direct (hardware, software, facilities) and indirect costs (loss of productivity, costs from downtime) when evaluating a new IT project.


Cloud is complex

There are many variables to consider and understanding your options can often be complex.  Some of the features that make the cloud attractive – including its ability to scale up quickly – can make it harder to estimate  costs.


Define your desired outcomes

Before evaluating technology and tools, decision makers should define the organization’s needs - both current state and future state and match the technology to those goals.

Data Center Build vs. Buy Calculator

This calculator provides a cost model to help you understand the financial considerations of building a data center onsite vs. taking advantage of a colocation data center with a partner like TierPoint.

Downtime Calculator

This downtime calculator helps you measure the potential business impact of a disaster or an IT outage.

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