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Business Continuity Consulting

Our business continuity consulting services will help you develop or update your business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure it covers risks to your growing business and IT environment. Enlist help from an experienced partner.

Preparation for potential disasters with business continuity consulting

Ensure Business Continuity and Minimize Downtime

Business continuity consulting services can help minimize unplanned downtime that can make the difference between a productive day and huge productivity loss; a major disruption could result in a long-term hit to your revenue or reputation.

Reducing downtime is essential to maintaining trust and keeping business operations running smoothly. Being prepared for potential disasters is the first step on the road to recovery, and starting your plan with a consideration of who and what needs to be in place to get back to business is imperative.

Confidently Address Risks and Implement Resiliency Strategies

When you’re in crisis, you need to have confidence that the plan will work without a hitch. Business continuity consulting will help you define a plan that allows you to immediately respond to a crisis. All with the confidence that critical business activities can be restored quickly. The right plan will also help you meet your recovery point objectives (RPO), recovery time objectives (RTO), and compliance objectives.

Business continuity management consultants implementing resiliency strategies.
TierPoint’s expert providing business continuity consulting

Augment Your Teams with Recovery Expertise

Give your team the support they deserve. TierPoint’s business continuity consulting experts serve as an extension and partner to your team, helping you build robust business continuity strategies and plans. We can also help you test the plan to ensure it’s ready.

Resiliency Capabilities

By building a business continuity program, your organization can ensure resilience and safeguard the interests of key stakeholders. Here’s how we can help you mitigate risk, ensure business resumption, and improve resiliency.

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment
  • Testing & Audit
  • Business Risk Assessment
  • BC/DR Strategy

If your business encountered a disaster today, which processes and functions are most important to get back online first to keep things running smoothly?

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) identifies and documents the operational and financial impacts that result from the disruption of business processes and functions. Prioritizing the processes that have the greatest impact on your business and determining their maximum allowable downtime plays a significant role in understanding what should be at the top of your recovery to-do list.

It’s good to get a lay of the land before you start developing plans to change or improve your IT recovery capabilities. A disaster recovery assessment reviews your current information technology infrastructure and architecture to determine whether it would be able to survive a disaster. With this information, our team of business continuity experts can help you identify gaps and concerns, developing an updated or enhanced approach to disaster recovery.

Regular testing and reviews of operational recovery procedures and team preparedness are critical to ensure a successful disaster recovery program. Leverage our team of experts to mitigate risk through testing to ensure that partial and full-site failovers are successful if an actual disaster occurs.

Many different threats can adversely impact your business, whether they’re man-made, technological, or natural. A business risk assessment helps you understand and categorize these risks so you can better strategize your safeguards against them.

Sometimes, being too close to an organization means being unable to see the big picture for business continuity. When everything feels essential, it can be hard to know where to start after a business disruption.
We can lend our expertise in business continuity and disaster recovery planning. So we can help you establish and identify the right individuals in your organization who will be best at executing and advocating for your BC/DR plans.
The right recovery strategies need a thoughtful framework that emphasizes resiliency and safeguards the interests of key stakeholders while maintaining a strong reputation for your company. We can also suggest ongoing maintenance and governance to keep risk management and recovery easier to handle.

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