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Our Services

We’re experts in as-a-service offerings. From colocation to cloud, managed services and disaster recovery, we meet customers where they are on their journey to digital transformation by providing secure, reliable, and connected solutions at the internet’s edge.

Hybrid Cloud

We are cloud-agnostic. We’ll recommend the cloud solution - public, private, or multitenant - that best meets workload requirements. Our hybrid flexibility delivers modern cloud capabilities businesses need today to innovate and remain competitive.

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Proven techniques, successful cloud tools, and a dedicated team of experts to manage public clouds. Gain intelligent visibility into your environments to optimize and achieve your goals.

Enjoy full control over your infrastructure, data, and applications with a private cloud to achieve your goals for isolation, performance, uptime, and scalability.

A secure, enterprise-level solution on shared infrastructure. Select from 8 cloud pods in TierPoint data centers across the US.

Secure connections to public clouds from TierPoint data centers via fast, reliable, high-performance managed network services.


Increase employee productivity and reduce OpEx with knowledgeable experts and up-to-date technology. Free your in-house IT staff from the day-to-day tasks of managing applications so they can focus on strategic projects.

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Expertise and support to deploy your SAP environment with minimal disruption. Access extensive consulting experience, implementation, management, security, and private cloud solutions to help you maximize your SAP investment.

Employee productivity from any location on any device. A consistent and high-performance desktop environment, with rapid implementation and scalability, as well as redundant desktop instances to support your disaster recovery strategy and ensure business continuity.

Enterprise-grade productivity and collaboration, combined with Microsoft-certified cloud and security expertise, provides a tailored, fully-optimized, and secure application set so you can harness the full power of Microsoft 365 and ensure your security configurations achieve industry best practices.


Security must be multilayered to defend against threats on several fronts—from network, and data, to endpoint protection. Customize your security solution for a multilayered defense against next-generation cyber threats.

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Robust, next-generation firewall with proactive management by security experts to ensure your networks remain secure against constantly changing cyber threats.

Unified security incident detection and response platform with real-time, holistic monitoring of your IT environments. XDR threat intelligence that brings together visibility, correlation, and remediation with skilled security analysts and engineers.

Protect applications with a secure and streamlined managed multi-factor authentication login service that verifies user identities across your organization with ease and security at the forefront.

Managed antivirus and endpoint protection that continually safeguards your business against viruses, spam, and malware so you can keep your organization up and running.

Safeguard your critical application and network assets with managed Web Application Firewall and DDoS Defense to defend against next-generation cyber threats.

Compliance services across multiple industries to help maintain requirements through secure and compliant data center facilities, regulatory expertise and guidance, and certified-security resources.

IT Advisory Services

Our architects and engineers are in your corner, ready to help your team benefit from new technologies and adapt to new business requirements with consulting, solution design, and migration services.

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Strategic consulting to identify the right mix of cloud solutions for your needs. We are cloud-agnostic and can help design a solution that meets your transformation objectives.

All-encompassing look at the state of your IT security and identification of areas for improvement. Our security consultants can measure your controls against best practices and review possible upgrades or modifications.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning to help you mitigate risk, ensure business resumption and improve resiliency.

Experts define and develop a strategy to modernize applications to deliver business value. Leverage containers, microservices, and serverless architecture to maximize efficiencies.

Create a successful data analytics program to derive greater value. Gain expert assistance with big data, IoT, AI, and machine learning projects.

Shorten your software development and innovation cycles to yield business results. Streamline your approach with continuous delivery and automation.

Disaster Recovery

Customized disaster recovery and backup solutions to help you ensure resiliency for your applications, data, and infrastructure.

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Cloud-based recovery solutions with recovery times measured in minutes. Choose from a variety of configurations with failover options to a TierPoint-managed cloud.

Enterprise-grade backup protection powered by Commvault helps ensure data availability and maintain backups for all workloads across cloud and on-premises environments.

Extend your Veeam backup infrastructure with hosted offsite backups in a TierPoint data center. Select TierPoint as the data repository in the Veeam Console.

Managed Services

Best-in-class technology, proactive management, and specialized skill sets free up your IT staff for strategic projects. TierPoint managed services take day-to-day management tasks off your team’s plate.

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High availability, data protection, and performance management for MySQL and SQL databases. Management services include monitoring, configuration, maintenance, and technical support.

Best-in-class, U.S.-based technical professionals provide 24x7 multi-tiered support to your end users to reduce overhead, improve support services and increase employee productivity.

Keep your Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms current and secure with patches, configuration changes, and license renewals from our experts.

Colo & Data Center Services

TierPoint data center services enable uptime and availability, compliance, and various connectivity options to reach your business goals - backed by industry-leading SLAs.

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Deploy your hardware in our state-of-the-art facilities. Get the enterprise-class reliability, performance, and security you need, without the risk and overhead of an on-premises data center.

Minimize the on-site support requirements of your IT staff by delegating IT management and maintenance tasks in the data center to a team of qualified on-site technicians and engineers.

Access fast and reliable network services across your whole network - inside the data center, between data centers, to the public clouds, and all the way to the network edge.

From a few seats for a handful of displaced employees or a dedicated suite for a team to maintain critical uptime, leverage a secondary workspace to keep employees productive during a disaster or disruption.

IBM Managed Services

IBM-certified solutions experts deliver 24x7x365 management and recovery solutions for your mainframe and Power Systems workloads so you can keep your IBM investment productive and resilient.

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High-availability and resilient performance for your Power Systems (i and AIX) through comprehensive monitoring, management, and maintenance from experienced IBM-certified experts.

Infrastructure management and 24x7x365 monitoring in compliant data centers to ensure consistent performance for your IBM mainframe production and recovery workloads.

Validate Your Strategy

We take a consultative approach when solutioning your business outcomes. Let us be your sounding board and offer best-practices guidance to help you meet your goals.