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IT Application Services

Managed application services deliver best-in-class technology and skill sets while freeing your IT staff for strategic projects. As a managed services provider, TierPoint stays accountable throughout the process, with industry-leading SLAs and a proven record of success.

Simplify IT Operations & Drive Innovation

Give your team the freedom to work on strategic projects that benefit your organization, rather than day-to-day IT management. Let TierPoint professionals take care of application management so your IT team can focus on digital transformation.

Amplify Employee Efficiency & Productivity

Enable your employees to work anytime, anywhere with easily accessible cloud applications. Your IT staff can troubleshoot problems regardless of location using our portable, high-performance tools.

Protect Your Business From the Unexpected

Safeguard company data and applications against cyber-threats and man-made or natural disasters. Ensure that IT operations stay up and running through any emergency.

  • Managed SAP
  • Microsoft 365

Managed SAP

Fast track your SAP deployment with TierPoint’s array of SAP services. Our design and implementation services will speed the deployment of your enterprise applications. Our management and security services will ensure that your SAP environment operates with peak performance and security. 

Deploy your ERP system on a TierPoint-managed private cloud backed by our team of SAP and cloud experts. We use security best practices to ensure a high level of protection. Our experts know SAP’s 1,000-plus security and privacy settings and will configure your system to meet your unique needs. 

Our experienced experts and management services will help you avoid the pitfalls of an ERP migration and spare your IT staff the burden of daily management tasks. TierPoint’s SAP services enable your IT team to focus on business-critical projects instead of the nuts and bolts of migration and maintenance.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365’s suite of innovative productivity and collaboration tools is designed to improve employee efficiency and application accessibility in today’s mobile, remote, and office-based workforce. Combined with TierPoint’s cloud and security expertise, Microsoft 365 provides an ideal work environment for today’s mobile and remote employees.

TierPoint’s managed services for Microsoft 365 ensure that your applications are configured and optimized for your organization’s unique IT environment. We use industry best practices to ensure Microsoft 365 meets your performance requirements and security objectives. 

TierPoint’s security team will help you maximize your defenses against cyber threats and data loss. TierPoint also provides IT application support services. Our Microsoft-certified experts are available 24x7 to provide technical support and can troubleshoot urgent problems in as little as 15 minutes.

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