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AWS Managed Services

TierPoint’s AWS Managed Services can help solve complex cloud challenges and enable digital transformation through AWS’s leading-edge cloud capabilities. Work smarter, lower your costs, build new revenue streams, and efficiently innovate to deliver incredible experiences for your end users.

Cloud experts leveraging Managed AWS.

Access Public Cloud Expertise

In a constantly changing market, companies must be able to adapt to stay competitive. IT teams are not only being asked to manage everyday tasks but also need to uncover new sources of revenue and growth while constantly innovating. Customers, internal teams, and processes all have needs to meet - strong user experiences, insights and data, and improvements to performance and uptime. Plus, teams are being asked to cut costs, so how can all of these tasks get accomplished in an efficient manner?

Cloud adoption coincides with new ways to deploy, manage, monitor, and operate environments, as well as new architectural methodologies. Organizations should also be thinking about how they can harness new technologies with cloud adoption, including IoT, Azure machine learning, serverless, and containers.

Rightsize to Lower Cloud Costs

Companies often move to the cloud as a means to stay on budget. However, resources can sprawl, leading to rising costs, if the proper controls aren’t in place. Optimizing the cloud experience involves understanding the economics involved, which can be accomplished with comprehensive monitoring of cloud utilization rates and resources. Reduce cloud costs and ensure smart growth by optimizing based on these insights.

Cloud cost management.
Managed cloud services. AWS cloud configurations.

Mitigate Risk of Cyber Threats

The latest threat is always on the horizon, but migrating to the public cloud gives companies access to up-to-date security systems and technologies. Maintain your security posture and governance with continuous evaluation and monitoring for secure AWS cloud configurations and TierPoint Managed CleanIP NGFW.

We can make sure your security configurations meet your compliance requirements and offer you the protection your data needs to be safeguarded from incoming threats.

Get the Most Out of
AWS Public Cloud

Your complex and transformative cloud challenges can be solved with AWS, leaving you with new opportunities to build revenue streams and deliver incredible experiences to your end users, all while increasing your efficiency.


Ideal for experienced cloud customers who want access to enhanced visibility and intelligence as well as billing support.

Advisory & Billing support
Security & Compliance
Cost Optimization
Cloud Insights

Most Popular


Perfect for organizations who need to access to cloud expertise and are looking for additional management and technical support.

Includes all in Essential +

Customer Success Management
Environment Management
Incident Management
Proactive Monitoring & Remediation


The most comprehensive cloud management services for organizations tackling advanced public cloud projects.

Includes all in Essential & Professional +

Advanced Management
Architecture Advisory
Advanced Engineering Support
On-Demand Cloud Architect

Our Cloud Expertise Can Help You Realize Results, Faster

Managed Public Cloud comparison

The public cloud can work to ignite innovation and uncover new ways to drive future growth for companies looking to digitally transform. Cloud solutions allow stronger customer experiences, deeper insights, and improved reliability and uptime both internally and externally.


Despite what may be perceived as a simple solution, cloud operations can be complex. Generally, new skills, tools, and processes are required for companies to achieve successful outcomes.


Luckily, we excel at complex, and our cloud services can help you make sense of complexity.


TierPoint’s AWS-certified cloud experts put cutting-edge capabilities to work for you. We boast deep expertise in security and compliance best practices, cloud strategy and design, as well as cloud cost governance, helping you accelerate your innovation with AWS.

A Trusted Partnership

At the heart of the TierPoint-AWS partnership is a commitment to helping businesses make the most of their investment in AWS technologies. As an AWS Select Tier MSP with over 8 years of experience, TierPoint has dedicated its resources and intellectual capital to ensure its customers have everything they need to make their own AWS vision a reality.

AWS Partner

Explore AWS Consulting Services

Cloud experts providing AWS Cloud Managed Services to clients.

Application Modernization

We can help you enhance your existing applications or build new ones. Take full advantage of native cloud security, scalability, and efficiencies. Our cloud-first perspective helps you maintain a competitive advantage as you build powerful new applications and services. TierPoint’s modern, agile, and innovative capabilities can help companies reimagine their applications and gain a competitive edge. 

Data & Analytics

The more insights you have, the more you’re able to be decisive and cover new ideas. Capture the knowledge embedded in your data and achieve better business outcomes with data analytics and AI in the public cloud. 


Use long-term strategy and quick wins to your advantage with data. Evaluate what is available and scale on your own time for better business outcomes. 

Data analytics and AI in the public cloud.
TierPoint certified cloud architect.


Move at the speed you need to stay competitive. Automating and streamlining the processes that enable developer self-service can help make your IT run faster. TierPoint certified cloud architects can help you plan, implement, and advance your DevOps transformation.


Yes. TierPoint has a dedicated team of certified AWS public cloud engineers and architects. We provide a highly informed level of support services that go well beyond standard public cloud triage-based support solutions. 


Customers can benefit from TierPoint’s AWS expertise and integral knowledge of customer workloads. We help customers with the initial setup of infrastructure services and then provide ongoing infrastructure management and support.

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