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Web Application Firewall (WAF) with DDoS Protection Service

In a landscape where cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics, organizations need a multilayered approach to defend against next-generation threats. TierPoint partners with Imperva to deliver Cloud WAF with DDoS Defense services enabling you to customize your security solution to better safeguard your critical application and network assets.


Ensure Systems Remain Available and Stable

Cloud WAF with DDoS protection as a service can help ensure business uptime. They prevent network and application attacks from overwhelming your critical IT assets with malicious or overwhelming traffic, plus, they prevent access from illegitimate users.

IT Security for Fast-Paced Development

Agile development practices for web applications can mean that software has not been thoroughly tested, and may be released with critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals. However, agility and security can work hand-in-hand with WAF and DDoS products and services.

Protect company assets by stopping all unauthorized and unwanted access to business networks, computers, and data that come through via misconfigured application code — no more slipping through the cracks.

Business Continuity Center to quickly recover critical business operations.

Strengthen Compliance and Meet Regulatory Requirements

Common regulatory frameworks include web application firewalls and DDoS protection services. Layer these services into your production environment to better position your organization to address your particular compliance needs.

Augment Security Teams

Worker shortages and time constraints mean internal IT teams can use all the support they can get. Offload your WAF and DDoS mitigation solutions to Imperva's team of responsive experts and free your staff up to work on more revenue-building and strategic projects.


Defend Against the Latest Threats

Leveraging Imperva’s advanced identification engine profiles all incoming traffic patterns at the edge in real-time, Cloud WAF with DDoS Defense accurately distinguishes between legitimate and malicious content long before it can reach your web application infrastructure.

Imperva Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) offers the industry’s leading web application security firewall. Imperva provides enterprise-class protection against the most sophisticated security threats, including DDoS.

Whether your websites and applications are hosted in the public cloud or on-premises, Imperva's Cloud WAF service ensures your critical assets are always protected, detecting and mitigating multiple types of application-layer attacks.

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The Cloud WAF with DDoS protection plans can include a broad variety of network and application security capabilities. Common services are available at every one of the global points of presence and are delivered as a cloud platform.

Capabilities can include:

  • Cloud WAF
  • DDoS Protection 
  • API security
  • Advanced bot protection
  • Load balancing
  • DNS protection
  • Edge application delivery
  • Content Delivery Networking (CDN)
  • Advanced reporting

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