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Enable Proactive Security

As attacks grow more frequent and sophisticated, businesses can no longer simply react to cybersecurity events. Organizations need to embrace continuous improvements when it comes to protecting their data, applications and systems.

The shift to remote work, a growing cyber threat landscape, and more stringent regulations make proactive IT security critical to ensuring you stay online and protected.

The shift to remote work, a growing cyber threat landscape, and more stringent regulations make proactive IT security critical to ensuring you stay online and protected.


Fortify Your Organization Against Ransomware

Ransomware and cyberattacks continue to ripple out, with bigger price tags and greater frequency. In the last year, ransomware cases and extortion demands increased by 400%.


Businesses have to take proactive steps to fight ransomware and data breaches. They can do this by educating their employees and improving the cybersecurity strategy protecting their organization. As threats continue to increase, its imperative that organizations create a security strategy that offers modern authentication methods, monitoring, and awareness training.


Cybersecurity protections can range from network security to penetration testing to threat intelligence and incident response. Managed Security Providers can help you develop that strategy and find the best data protection and overall security tools.


But don’t forget that you need to balance your security measures with controlling IT costs and finding top security talent.


7 Top Tactics to Protect from Ransomware Attacks

Maintain Compliance with Regulatory Requirements and Data Privacy Laws

Every industry has different regulatory requirements. These requirements are set up to protect personally identifiable information (PII) from being accessed by the wrong people.


Depending on the regulations that govern your industry, you may be expected to maintain strict requirements. If you don’t, your business may suffer fines when you fail to protect user data properly. 


Compliance is a key part of any cybersecurity strategy. It’s important to work with a partner that understands how to address certain regulatory requirements, like: 

  • PCI
  • And other data retention rules

Secure Your Remote Workforce

Telecommuting is moving into the mainstream. Since the pandemic, many employees have moved out of the office and are increasingly working remotely. While some of those remote work arrangements may be temporary, the overall trend shows they will likely continue for the foreseeable future. 


Businesses need to update their cybersecurity strategies to account for this shift. Remote employees can serve as a huge vulnerability in an otherwise secure infrastructure, and the right cybersecurity tools can help harden the defenses of remote employees. Tools like anti-malware, VPN, encryption, MDA, and more.


They can keep important data safe and monitor networks for suspicious activity. These tools and security strategies also serve as a powerful first step toward better protecting your business.

How We Can Help


TierPoint’s IT disaster recovery and business continuity solutions allow businesses to limit their interruptions and protect their data and infrastructure.


TierPoint’s IT security services allow you to customize your security solution for a multilayered approach to safeguarding your environment. 


TierPoint provides resources to help you achieve and maintain compliance for your organization. Our experts help you design a customized solution to meet your compliance requirements.

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