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Azure Managed Services

Open new revenue streams and boost cloud efficiency with TierPoint's Azure Managed Services. As a trusted Microsoft service provider, we’ll work with you to build a custom Azure environment to address your specific business challenges.

Experience Managed Services with a Microsoft Azure Solutions partner

At the heart of our partnership with Microsoft is a shared commitment to helping businesses make the most of their technology investment.


As a Certified Solutions Partner with over a decade of Microsoft experience, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping customers make their business dreams a reality with Microsoft technology.

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Explore Our Azure Managed Services

Optimize Azure Spend & Maximize Value

Ensure your Azure cloud remains cost-effective.


We'll right-size your spend while preserving enhanced productivity and collaboration.


Gain advanced visibility into cloud usage for continuous cost optimization, enabling smart business growth.

Elevate Your Azure Management with 24/7 Support

Let our experts manage your Azure environment round-the-clock. From data backup to infrastructure scaling, we handle it all.


Gain advanced visibility, security expertise, cost management, utilization tracking, and audit capabilities with our cloud management platform. Focus on innovation while we handle the day-to-day.

Drive Digital Transformation & Innovation on Azure

Unlock deeper insights and superior customer experiences in the cloud. Harness Azure's power with our expertise.


Advanced automation and modern operations ensure efficiency and innovation, accelerating your cloud journey while you focus on core business activities.

Enhance Azure Security with Managed Services

Boost security across your Azure infrastructure. Our infrastructure-as-code approach embeds security into your operations.


Benefit from real-time monitoring, expert firewall administration, security policies, and patching for system integrity. Protect your assets with confidence thanks to our deep security expertise and Azure best practices.

Streamline Azure Configuration and Change Management

Keep your Azure environment agile and responsive to evolving needs seamlessly. Our meticulous configuration management ensures smooth evolution and efficient resource orchestration.


Elevate performance, minimize disruptions, and gain agility with our in-life deployment services for seamless Azure evolution.

Enhance Business Continuity with Azure Disaster Recovery

Minimize downtime, secure critical systems, and mitigate evolving risks with our tailored data recovery services.


Our cloud engineers offer industry-leading expertise and top-tier DRaaS solutions from Zerto and Microsoft that accommodate diverse resilience needs across on-premises, data center, and cloud applications.

TierPoint Azure Managed Services

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for Azure. That’s because unparalleled flexibility is kind of the point.


Whether you’re looking to optimize costs, maximize licensing, leverage robust security, or all of the above, we can help you build and manage a custom Azure environment that meets your specific business needs. As your trusted Azure Managed Services Provider, we’ll help you gain a competitive edge, deliver top-tier experiences to your end users, and create new revenue streams.


Ideal for experienced cloud customers who want access to enhanced visibility and intelligence as well as billing support.

Advisory & Billing support
Security & Compliance
Cost Optimization
Cloud Insights

Most Popular


Perfect for organizations who need to access to cloud expertise and are looking for additional management and technical support.

Includes all in Essential +

Customer Success Management
Environment Management
Incident Management
Proactive Monitoring & Remediation


The most comprehensive cloud management services for organizations tackling advanced public cloud projects.

Includes all in Essential & Professional +

Advanced Management
Architecture Advisory
Advanced Engineering Support
On-Demand Cloud Architect

Unlock the Full Power of Azure. Contact us today to talk about the next step in your business's digital transformation.

The Right Azure Managed Service Provider for Your Business

Stay Competitive with Azure Expertise

Stay Competitive with Azure Expertise

To keep your organization on the cutting edge of innovation, you need a trusted partner who knows Azure inside and out. Our Sales and engineering teams are Azure-certified, and we’re focused on helping you maximize every component of your cloud investment.

Tailored Azure Cloud Strategy

Tailored Azure Cloud Strategy

Let our Azure experts build a comprehensive roadmap to cloud success. We’ll look at your big-picture goals and fill in all the minutiae to help you achieve them, from proactive cost optimization to strategic, data-driven cloud utilization recommendations.

Keep Advanced Cyberthreats at Bay

Keep Advanced Cyberthreats at Bay

Cybersecurity shouldn’t just be another item on an internal IT team’s checklist. Our dedicated security and compliance experts will institute automated scanning and reporting procedures paired with data-driven recommendations based on industry best practices.

Optimize Your Azure Spend

Optimize Your Azure Spend

Without proper controls, it’s easy for cloud resources to sprawl and costs to rise. With visibility, analytics into your cloud usage, and continual review and recommendations from our Azure engineers, you can identify opportunities to reduce your cloud expenses by as much as 30%.

Expedited Azure Support

Expedited Azure Support

When you partner with TierPoint, you gain access to 24/7 premium support. Our team will expedite and escalate your customer service needs accordingly so that you can continue growing your business on the cloud with minimal downtime.

Need More Help with Azure?

Explore TierPoint’s Azure Consulting Services

Azure Well-Architected Framework Review

Modernize your cloud strategy and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape.

Azure Cloud Migration

Partner with TierPoint for a seamless Azure migration that will help your business unlock the limitless revenue potential of the cloud.

Azure VDI

Give your modern workforce the modern tools they need to stay productive anywhere with secure Azure VDI.

Azure Disaster Recovery

A flexible disaster recovery plan is essential for ensuring business continuity, protecting your valuable data, and minimizing downtime.

Azure DevOps

Reach the speed you need to stay competitive through streamlining and automating your DevOps processes.


Take Control of Your Azure Environment with a Trusted Service Provider

Let’s discuss how to take the next step in your digital transformation with Microsoft Azure.