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Azure Managed Services

With TierPoint's Azure Managed Services, we work with you to leverage Microsoft Azure cloud solutions that address your infrastructure challenges. Open yourself up to new revenue streams and increased efficiency. 


Access Public Cloud Expertise

In a constantly changing market, companies must be able to adapt to stay competitive. IT teams are not only being asked to manage everyday tasks but also need to uncover new sources of revenue and growth while constantly innovating. Customers, internal teams, and processes all have needs to meet - strong user experiences, insights and data, and improvements to performance and uptime. Plus, teams are being asked to cut costs, so how can all of these tasks get accomplished in an efficient manner?

Cloud adoption coincides with new ways to deploy, manage, monitor, and operate environments, as well as new architectural methodologies. Organizations should also be thinking about how they can harness new technologies with cloud adoption, including IoT, Azure machine learning, serverless, and containers.

Right-Size to Lower Cloud Costs

Companies often see a move to the cloud as a budget-friendly option. However, sprawling resources can lead to rising costs without the proper guardrails in place.

Comprehensive monitoring of cloud utilization rates and resources can help companies understand the economics involved in cloud adoption. From there, you can optimize your costs and ensure smart growth.

Resources effective administration with Managed Azure.
Microsoft Azure public cloud services and cybersecurity support.

Fortify Systems with Cybersecurity Support

Public cloud migration and modernization gives organizations access to the latest in security technologies and systems. Protect yourself from the latest threat by leveraging best practice tools and frameworks for security and compliance.

Your security posture and governance are maintained with continuous monitoring and evaluation, leaving you with secure Azure cloud configurations. 


Whether you need to meet requirements for key compliance frameworks, or you’re looking to improve your security outlook, our support has you covered.

Get the Most Out of
Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Whether you’re looking for help with design, migration, or management, we can help you with your modern Azure environments. With cloud adoption, you can gain a competitive edge, deliver top-tier experiences to your end users, and build additional streams of revenue. 


Ideal for experienced cloud customers who want access to enhanced visibility and intelligence as well as billing support.

Advisory & Billing support
Security & Compliance
Cost Optimization
Cloud Insights


Most Popular


Perfect for organizations who need access to cloud expertise and are looking for additional management and technical support.

Includes all in Essential +

Customer Success Management
Environment Management
Incident Management
Proactive Monitoring & Remediation


The most comprehensive cloud management services for organizations tackling advanced public cloud projects.

Includes all in Essential & Professional +

Advanced Management
Architecture Advisory
Advanced Engineering Support
On-Demand Cloud Architect

Our Cloud Expertise Can Help You Realize Results, Faster

Managed Public Cloud comparison

For companies looking to digitally transform, the public cloud can help uncover avenues for future growth and ignite innovation. Cloud solutions bring deeper insights, stronger customer experiences, and improved uptime and reliability for internal and external users. 


Even though some companies move to the cloud for a simple solution, operations can be complex. If you want to achieve a successful outcome, you need a command of new skills, tools, and processes. 


Luckily, TierPoint embraces the complex, and our cloud services can help sort through intricacies with you. 


TierPoint’s Microsoft Azure certified cloud experts offer cutting-edge capabilities and deep expertise to address your needs with security and compliance, cloud cost governance, and cloud strategy and design, allowing you to accelerate your innovation. 

A Trusted Partnership

At the heart of the TierPoint-Microsoft partnership is a commitment to helping businesses make the most of their investment in Microsoft technologies. As a Certified Solutions Partner with over a decade of Microsoft experience, TierPoint has dedicated its resources and intellectual capital to ensure its customers have everything they need to make their own Microsoft vision a reality.


Explore Azure Consulting Services

IT staff taking full advantage of Azure Managed Services.

Application Modernization

With application and data modernization, companies can take full advantage of native cloud scalability, security, and efficiencies. Enhance your existing applications or build new applications and services to gain a competitive advantage with a cloud-first perspective. We can help you reimagine your applications with agile, innovative, and modern capabilities.

Data & Analytics

Uncovering insights can help your organization form new connections and make better business decisions. Capture the knowledge hidden in your data with AI and data analytics in the public cloud. 


Whether you’re looking for a quick win or a long-term strategy, improved access to your data will help you reveal actionable insights

Data & analytics to make better business decisions.
Cloud architect providing Azure Managed Services.


TierPoint certified cloud architects can help you plan, implement, and advance your DevOps processes, enabling developer self-service through streamlining and automation. We’ll help you reach the speed you need to stay competitive.


Yes.TierPoint has a dedicated team of certified Azure public cloud engineers and architects. You’ll work with a team that has integral knowledge of customer workloads and expertise in Azure. This will help you gain a highly allied and informed level of support services that extend beyond standard support solutions, which tend to offer triage-based assistance. 


We’re there with you from initial setup to ongoing support of your infrastructure services, backed by Enterprise/Premier-level support with our public cloud partners. We can also help you decide what does and doesn’t move to the cloud with multicloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure consulting services. 

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