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IT Security Services

Cybercriminals are constantly changing tactics so a multilayered approach is your best defense against next-generation cyber threats. Our IT security services let you customize your security solution to safeguard each layer within your environment.

Improve Security Posture

Extended detection and response (XDR), web application firewalls (WAF), and other similar solutions aid in risk management. They do this by protecting you against rising threats from cybercriminals, such as ransomware.

Address Compliance Requirements

Gain confidence that your compliance and security needs are met. With security solutions, you not only protect your data but also comply with your industry’s regulatory requirements.

Secure Data in a WFH World

As employees move out of the office and into more remote settings, systems and applications need more protection than ever. Our cloud security solutions can help your business stay safe, no matter where your employees work.

  • CleanIP NGFW
  • CleanIP XDR
  • CleanIP MMFA
  • CleanIP AV
  • WAF & DDoS
  • Compliance


TierPoint’s CleanIP Managed Next-generation Firewall (NGFW) service helps you secure your business with less complexity and more visibility. Our certified security experts will work with you to tailor a CleanIP firewall solution that meets your performance and protection requirements. Then we’ll deliver proactive management to ensure your networks remain secure against constantly changing threats.

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CleanIP XDR for Threat Intelligence & Security Monitoring

Cybercrime is on the rise. The safeguards you previously put in place may not be enough to protect your IT systems against today’s threats. CleanIP Extended Detection and Response (XDR) provides a holistic view of the entire IT environment in real-time, as well as integrated response options.  Quickly bring together visibility, correlation, and remediation with our skilled security analysts and engineers. XDR can be a valuable piece in your incident response plan. 

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TierPoint’s CleanIP Managed Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) security solutions help businesses provide a secure and streamlined login service - for every application and user.  MMFA is easy to deploy, scales up to meet the needs of even the most diverse user base, and delivers insights summarizing the security posture of your devices.

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CleanIP AV

Our CleanIP Antivirus (AV) services include field-proven detection technology, complete data access protection, and fully adjustable scanning and update options. Low system demands, virtualization support, and optional cloud-powered scanning will help keep your servers up and running at their best. 

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In a landscape where cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics, organizations need a multilayered approach to defend against next-generation threats. Our Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall) and DDoS Defense services powered by Imperva let you customize your security solution. All so you can better safeguard your critical application and network assets. 

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TierPoint helps ensure regulatory compliance for businesses and organizations in diverse industries, by providing secure and compliant data center services. With increasingly complex governance, regulation, and compliance rules, organizations are under intense scrutiny and pressure to protect sensitive data. Our information security measures can play a critical role in your overall compliance. 

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Dental client taking advantage of remote managed IT services.
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Whenever we talk to potential clients, they always ask about data security, physical security, power and data circuit redundancy, and the systems we have to ensure that their data and equipment are safe. Once we take them through a tour of TierPoint’s data center, you can see them start to relax.

Dr. Alan Jurim

Director of Digital Dentistry, Touro College of Dental Medicine


TierPoint’s data center is central to TCDMs IT infrastructure

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